Thursday, June 23, 2005

Holy New Music Thursday

Home alone and what does that mean?

Music, and today is New Music Thursday
My latest Amazon Pack came yesterday
and in it were 2 - YES that's right 2
New Cd's from
Steven Curtis Chapman
"Greatest Hits Cd"
"All Things New"

With songs like:

All Things New
Much of You
Only Getting Started
Last Day on Earth
What Now
Please, Only You
Coming Attractions
Big Story
Believe me now
Angel Wish
I Believe in You
Treasure of Jesus
Just to name a few...


It is COLD (20c) but feels much COOLER
Wet and Raining again
and I've been up 3 nights in a row working
on my Native Traditions Final Exam
which I dropped off today at the Religion Department
this morning, I took a much needed Nap
and Peter went off to the Gym

So Before he gets back, I thought I'd re-energize
with some great Christian Music I spent all
afternoon yesterday writing and listening to him sing
It was heavenly


"I think, well, it's all about me right?"

But, If I made you upset or made you angry
I owe an amends to Gordon, because After I
Posted and then removed a certain entry
on Preachermen, I saw a very pointed response
( well we are in my head right)
on another Blog about Transparency and ministry
and the honesty of a preacher and the connection he has
to his "flock." It's been on my mind for 2 days
and I keep going back to check comments to
see if he has responded and as of the moment
he has not.
I did not mean to lump you in that same category
You are one specific man whom I have the utmost
respect for and care about, because you
decided to care about me.
I am sorry if it upset you or sent you into a
"this is who I am search!"



I have a friend who has come "into"
the "Collective"
and I know the journey he is walking
The difference between his journey and mine
is the fact that there are MANY more road maps
available to follow, and more information
and Viable ways to Survive
the Past was Horrible and I only
Pray to God,
that he never sees what I saw then
But the reality of this "collective"
is that we all are "chosen" and we all carry our own
Medical anomaly to be our respective "Problem"

Living your best life comes to the table
Making the most of every day becomes a way of life
The ridding of ones past and fear is something
we have to do every day
Not Giving up is Paramount
Learning to Fight and have faith takes Courage
Trusting the right "people"
medically, socially and emotionally
is truly important because
that can make you or break you
So I love you Freddy
and I am always here for you
this journey is always better when
there are more people walking the Journey


Me - what about me??

It's really not all about me
I am allright, I've had a wracking headache for
the last 3 days and it's becomming annoying
I don't do pain, he he he
School is finished, vacation is here!!!!!

No more studying AND no more papers for


Now I can get through my Summer reading list
Yes Jason, I will get a copy of
"A Different Road"
You can all go over and read his blog while you're at it.


HEY---Looky over there
I've added a BUNCH of new Blogs
to read, There are many
"Preacher Men and Women"
AND their Significant Others
so for the women who read this blog
Go over and See the
"Softer side of Jeremy"


There are some new additions of
different backgrounds and walks of life
So if you never perused my list before
and for those who have, you'll see what I mean
I go through Most of this (Blog) list daily

Welcome to all my new Bloggers
to my great BIG Blog Sphere


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