Thursday, June 16, 2005

Gifts and Spiritual Experience

I thought this Quote was amazing, from the Christian Century and the RLP.

"Gordon, your ministry will not be defined by your low moments, or by the mistakes you make, or by your own strength and worthiness. Your ministry will be defined by how you respond to the call of the Spirit of God. You need to own up to your own weakness and humanity. You need to find grace and forgiveness for yourself if you ever hope to point to grace and forgiveness for others."


It was a good day, it did not rain when I needed to travel between sites, which was good.

I got to class this morning, a little late, but hey it was the last day of class. We learned today that one of my prof's. in this class was awarded her PHD!! We all clapped and cheered. It is good to celebrate achievements. This was a BIG ONE for her. We had a final lecture on the (2 Row Wampum ) belt and then Brian Closed the class with a Mohawk Closing ceremony in which we all had awaited with anticipation to experience. Like I shared some time ago, the class was lead by a Mohawk Indian from Khanawake ( on the South Shore). They gave us, as parting gifts, posters from the Native Indian Cultural Center with a photograph of the (2 Row Wampum Belt) on it. It's little things that make a difference.

Oh, why was I late to class, I had checked the mail, and forgot my umbrella so I had to go back upstairs to get it, and on the way I opened the letter I was holding and I was SO surprised to read the following letter...

The Canadia Millennium Scholarship Foundation is pleased to award you a Millennium Bursary in the amount of $3,500.00 for the 2004-2005 academic year.

Well, good things come in thin letter format, sometimes !!!


After class I went to the office to see friends and talk to my co-workers about the present problems and I backed off my crusade to say anything to anyone. Better not to say anything than say something that might and would cause further problems. Margo and I had a long talk about the items I wrote about earlier in this weeks logs. As she is always saying to me, "look towards the future and see how great your life is and stop worrying about the past and those little problems that haunt you."

From there I went to see Ellie at the Chaplaincy Office. I did not get accepted into the Peer Support Program. I was told that I was "Over" qualified and too self centered to be a part of the program, but I was told not to be a stranger. So, I knew I wasn't going to get in. I had a feeling that Ellie and I would not reach an agreement to work together, because I call her on her shit and her attitude and how she has treated me over the last year. I don't give people room to be rude, impolite or by body gestures (blow me off) !! that was that.

We did talk about my spiritual experiences as of late. And She told me that she knows that I am spiritually in tune with the universe and that she feels that I am open to spirit and the universe. She thinks that because I have faced some seious issues in my life, (like DEATH) that (we who have been there and back) see life and experience life differently. She also told me that (these) were my experiences, and no one can say, that I am loosing my mind, or that they "could not" happen. I told her of the presence and the Kaddish prayer and what i have felt and experienced, and she did not say that those experiences "were not real" but they were uniquely mine.

Who can say what is possible or Impossible with God or the Universe.


Overall it was an amazing day...


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