Friday, June 24, 2005

Fridays Feast (June24) Fete National Friday!!!

The Midnight, well 1 a.m. feast is served, Let's Eat


What time do you usually wake up each day? If you could choose your wake-up time, when would it be?

If I have class first thing in the morning, I wake up 45 minutes before I am due in class, and not a minute before. That varies per term. Classes in the Winter are schedules much later - so I can sleep in a bit longer.

If i could choose my wake up time, I guess it would be 11a or 12p in the afternoon. I HATE mornings. Now that I am on vacation, I won't get out of bed early unless it is specifically called for.

When was the last time you bought groceries? What store did you go to? Name 3 things you purchased.

The last time I went to the grocery store was last night.

I shop at the PROVIGO right downstairs on the corner across the street from my apartment building.

1. I bought "Chocolate Marble Cake."
2. Crystal Light - Lemonade flavour for my hubby
3. Milk

And a few other items, to make it under the quota for the express lane check out.

How many books have you read so far this year? Which was your favorite and why?

Wow, that's a tough one, I need to go look and count!

20 books - all on my bedside book case
Several Text books and course packs

What was my favorite book? I can't name one so here are a few.

1. Eragon by Christopher Paolini
2. Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss
3. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix By J.K. Rowling
4. Sanctity and Male Desire by Donald Boisvert
5. The Snow Garden by Christopher Rice

There are many reasons these made the Top 5. Too many to explain here.

Main Course
What is something you consider to be very elegant? In particular, what about that item/place/person conjures up the feeling of elegance?


One Valentine's Day we went to an exclusive restaurant called Antico Martini

it was a $100.00 a plate dinner, very expensive and elegant. It was a One Time deal.

The other would be: Pino Restaurant, where we had our Wedding Reception
Simple yet elegant. We go there often for dinners.

Elegant items, I don't have any elegant items, to be honest.
1. A hot bubble bath with my hubby is elegant
2. Walking through fresh fallen snow is elegant
3. Going on Great Vacations is elegant

Who taught you how to drive?

My father taught me how to drive, in the back parking lot of a shopping mall.

(*This is an oldie but goodie - originally posted as Feast #1!*)


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