Sunday, June 19, 2005


We went and met Jon and Peter at the Jacque Cartier Bridge and we walked
OVER that bridge to the other side to have a vantage point looking "down"
over the La Rhonde Amusement park on the South Shore, where the
fireworks would be shot off

Tonights presentation came to us from "Australia."

Sadly, there was no
"Thunder from Down Under."

The presentation lacked the "show" factor.
The music was all over the place,
from Gladiator to Ray Charles to Frank Sinatra and Bjork.
It was a good presentation, the crowd reacted where
I was standing on the bridge, but at the end of the finale
there was no uproar of emotion, no immense noise of appreciation.
It was lackluster at best

It was a good presentation, but it was not
like others we have seen in last years

They did have great air effects. The use of All the
space between the Roof (the highest point) to the water at the
base was covered quite nicely. There was a continuous
use of all the space between, which
kept you busy watching the sky and the water lines

The colors were good, alot of gold, white and red.
I had never seen some of the shells they used to night, I mean
I had never seen that kind of effect. You'd have to have been
there to get this one

The entire schedule if you're near or in Montreal

June 25 France
July 2 Argentina
July 9 Sweden
July 13 Spain
July 16 Czech Republic
July 20 Portugal
July 23 CANADA
July 27 The U.S.A
and on
July 30th-The Big Bang
And the 31st is My Birthday!!!!


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