Monday, June 27, 2005

Canada's Greatest Ride

Tonight at 6p.m.
Canada's Greatest Ride began
Every day at 6pm EST in Montreal
the day starts, See Canada from the view
of a Locomotive chugging across Canada
I see that this is an "Eastbound" Trip
You can watch specials on Canada and learn
a little history and maybe take a journey of your own
on CTV Travel Channel (channel 275) here
You can watch 24 hours a day - views from the train !!
How KEWL is that !!!

I got to see a great special on the Native Communities
of the West Coast, along the shores to Alert Bay
How appropriate because of my Native Traditions class
this Summer
And I am re-reading Margaret Craven's
I Heard the Owl Call My Name

A short, but fantastic and spiritual read

The Greatest Ride last 5 days
so be a part of Canadian Traditions
Those of you IN Canada that get this channel

OHHHH Canada !!


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