Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What to do now...?

It's Tuesday !! Same routine as always. The good thing about my home group is that people always come home from being away! Case in point, a very wonderful lady who has been sober for years and years came home from her sojourn in Florida for the Winter. The last words she spoke to me on her way out 4 months ago were "All I want to do is die!!" I worried that she would not come back, that she infact would die over the break. But as the sun rises and sets, tonight she waltzed into the meeting with a song and a smile on her face. She lived and she made it through the darkness, and I was so happy to see her. Because this woman has watched me get sober over the last 3 1/2 years and she watched my cry and climb this mountain !! Today we shared the last 4 months of our lives with each other !! We ARE family!

AS the fates would have it, I am off from my home group for this first Summer Session and so I handed her the reins in my absence. I can still make coffee with my friends and go set up the room as usual, but I have to be on campus by 6:30p.m. It was good to see so many familiar faces tonight. We come together here in that sacred hall each week because St. Leon's is such a warm and inviting space. Like walking into a warmly lit living room. It is safety and it is what we all know. Many of our group got sober and stayed to watch others get sober. We have all "grown together!"

You see, for me, to be able to tell my friend about HOW i have grown up during her absence just makes the journey so much more important and that is how I know I've grown, because I can see it in myself, and I am sure she was happy to talk with me. These are the days one looks for when things get dark. These are the days that gratitude makes its biggest impact on everyone who was at the meeting.

You'd just have to experience it to understand. For some of my sober readers I think you will be able to understand how important family and home group are.

I am off to watch the Amazing Race and make some dinner for my hubby and I.

back in a while.

God is Good and Life is wonderful and I am a blessed man to know such wonderful people.

Hey Jayson and Estelle - You enjoy life and Love, it is so sacred.

Joshua - you shake the trees and get some answers.

Mike - Get out there and SWIM damitt !!!

Eric - Did you read my response, and do you have anything to say ??

bye !!


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