Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Thank you Jared !!!

Ever since I went by his blog this morning, i've been singing that damn ditty...

Bow wow wow, Yippie-Yo Yippie-Yay all day and night, it's like stuck on LOOP and I cannot turn it off!

Allright, nobody is giving me anything to lead off with so Let's Start with News !!

It looks like the Consertvative Party is revving up the big generator to shut down the government. Now I told you that I am no politician nor a political writer. I think the Liberal Party is in deep shit and the end is near and we just might see an election come June. Although I DO NOT want to see Steven Harper in the Prime Minister's Position or else all hell will break loose on the Gay Agenda. There are some things I am willing to fight for. Like my Marriage and it's legality. This is not only about corrupt politicians and MILLIONS of lost dollars in the pockets and coffers of the Liberal Party.

So I've been running a day ahead of myself all day today. Which I find problematic and this little problem has presented itself before. I took a nap all afternoon trying to reset my clock to Monday and when I got up, I was still in Tuesday !! WTF is wrong !!

Did anyone watch CSI Miami tonight? Was there something strange about that episode tonight? or was it just me being a little off all day? There was just something "not right" about it. The tension is building between all parties, Callie and Wolf, and Horatio and Yelena is going to erupt any time soon! This whole secret that Horatio's Brother is still alive and working undercover is going to blow CSI Miami out of the water !!

The Run-Away bride.....Enough already ! Isn't there more important news we could be watching other than giving this woman more press and air time? I mean come on, now she's made her way into the Canadian Psyche and she's taking up useless space on our TV waves. Ok, she ran, now she's home, let the damned story die. It's not a fucking national crisis that a woman got cold feet over a wedding, I've seen it happen before and it it not the first nor the last !! It's over! Enough Said !!

*** SEX ***

I have to be honest and share some thoughts on a fellow bloggers sexual practices! You know, i would rather walk on my lips than give sex advice, but boy one must be careful with HIV and remember that anything can trigger an O.I. After the life you've lead over the last year, and the second chance you have been given after a long and painful surgery and recovery to correct problems within, your activity strikes me as totally immature and troublesome. You have more sex than I see in months of marriage. Don't you think that it is time to get back to some balance of life and sanity! Getting lost in the darkened hallways of a Bathhouse is great for a while, but not on a regular basis. It is not healthy, nor is it advisable. I worry that something is going to happen to you that you won't be able to recover from. Knowing full well that HIV is progressive need I remind you that we live on borrowed time, and wasted time is wasted time? What good are you doing for yourself spending excessive amounts of time on your back ? Is this what you've been reduced to? and is it by choice? or desperation for human contact? Please stop this behavior before it takes you someplace you don't want to go.

I've decided to take a break from the rooms beginning this week. Going to meetings has been great and wonderful but, after last weeks insane happenings at my home group, I have decided to take some time off and step back from responsibility and sponsorship. I was duped by another pigeon and I am not going down that mental and emotional road again, like I did with a former sponsee who is now lost in the bowels of Mexico City's Hiv community. I will finish my commitments tomorrow and call it a day.

Seeing that classes come before meetings I will have a full plate this week which will carry me into the end of June.

What else? nothing !!

I'm tired - and I need to figure out why I am feeling tired all the time, AGAIN! I don't see the doc until the 25th! Oh well.

See y'all tomorrow !!



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