Monday, May 30, 2005

Sunday Gratitude

It's almost 3 am and i've been reading like a mad man for Tuesdays midterms... Yikes !!

I think I've reached the end of this round of "illness" once again. I will think before I go see the doctor the next time. You never know WHAT you are going to pick up from a hospital. And no one had anything to say when I complained to the clinic. Oh well, you live and you learn.

I was supposed to go to Loyola this morning for mass, and once again I bailed on them, because I had ne desire to drag my ass out of bed at 8 am to start the process of getting to the West side of town on a Sunday morning. The tunnel to the Orange Line is closed, which means that in order to get to the orange line, one must fist travel through the green line to make a transfer to go west. Too much aggrivation for me - i was in no mood to make the trip. I was tired, and i have been sleeping ALOT this weekend. Which is a little OUT of character for me, which means my body is donig some "Overtime Healing on Itself."

The weather has been nice the past two days, and we got out of the house today to do some shopping and to get some air !! before the rains come again. Myabe it will stay like this for the rest of the Summer and we won't get that "steambath" heatwave we got last year... Let us Pray.


I talked to my first sponsor Charlie this morning, from Miami. He celebrated 17 years sobriety!
I did not get much other info from him, and I did not ask about his medical situation, he was diagnised with cancer a while back and was operated. Seeing he is still alive, I surmise that he is doing allright. As well I got to talk to a friend from my original "sober circle." TJ, Shane, Michael, and myself got sober the same week back in 2001. I guess they all went to my home group in Miami Beach last night for Charlie's Anniversary celebration.

All is well in my home, Peter is well, there is money in the bank and there is food in the fridge and all the bills are paid up. That is progress for us once again. We are going to be going to see my inlaws in a week for Peter's Birthday, we will get to see the family and maybe swim in thier pool !!! I'm sure that mom's gardens are starting to bloom, and i am sure that she will be excited to see us other than at Christmas. Peters Brother and sister in law live in Ottawa as well, so we will get to see them and the kids. I think maybe I should make a call and see what the kids are up to and what little "goodies" i can bring up with me. I LIVE to spoil my nieces and Nephews.

There are no complaints in my life right now, God is in HIS heaven and those in my house are safe and asleep in their beds. OH, I talked to my son clay yesterday. He and his room mate secured and moved into a 4 bedroom apartment and he is doing very well, working 42 hours a week in town and he has invited us to come and visit HIS home in Plattsburgh. Myabe we did make a difference in his life while he was here, and this is the beginning of his success. We can only hope and pray.

That's all from Late Night Montreal...

Gooonite !!


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