Sunday, May 22, 2005


I read tonight from a fellow blogger
that tragedy has befallen someone he knows
what do we say in times like grief?
Do we try to give answers as to why? or why Not?
Do we get spiritual and tout spiritual truths and quote scripture?
or do we realize that right now
I have no idea what to say to lessen your burden
but to say that I can identify with your sorrow.

A song comes to mind as I type this little post
it goes like this....

"And He will raise you up on eagles wings
Bear you on the breath of dawn
Make you to shine like the Sun
and hold you in the palm of His hand...."

My prayers go with you and for you
and for the parents of those young people.
We may not know all the right words to say right now
but God is There listening and holding them.

We do not know what lies on the other side,
But from my perspective as I SAW it,
the garden is beautiful and full of
all that heaven is...

We may know each other here in this little
blog sphere, and you never know when
our appointed time will come,
and we may be friends in "type" and by "phone"
but as Randall wrote:
"at the end of the day we need to gather in a room
together and laugh and cry..."

Remember to tell the one you love that
and remember to hug those you love
a little tighter tonight.

May God bless you and keep you
and may His words guide and you and those you
minister to, in their time of need.


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