Thursday, May 05, 2005

Schools IN for SUMMER !!

Today was my first day of school, once again. In order to qualify for a years worth of academic financial assistance one has to take a regimen of full time credit courses during the summer.I am taking all those credits in Session 1 from now until the end of June. In my case that is 6 credits.

The joy of being HIV+... I couldn't handle a full 12 credit load. It's just too much work and stress.

Anyway, i digress.

This mornings offering was Religion and Native Traditions. I have 2 professors teaching this class. One of my professors just finished her PHD from McGill, we'll forgive her for that one! My lead prof is a Mohawk Indian from the Kahnawake Reservation over on the south shore. And before he started the class he offered what was called "Ohenton Kariwateken" The words that come before all else, "The Opening." This is an native offering before any teaching or meeting to give thanks and come together in one mind - one spirit as one people. It was an amazing opening to Summer School.

Tonight I have Canadian History, which I am debating on attending at this very minute as I have a head ache and i'm tired! I may go nap for a bit before then.

Financial Aid in Quebec is screwing me over this summer giving me not even enough money to pay my Summer fees in one drop! the bastards.. And I am getting less cash this following academic year than last year. Oh well. Peter's financial aid will help us survive, I am hoping to get some work associated with school this fall. We'll see what happens money wise. One of us may find a job this fall to make extra cash, although if we budget tight enough, we may be able to stave that off for a few months until I finish my internship at school. The problem with getting a job is that if Financial Aide gets wind of employment they cut you off the assistance program, and neither of us can afford that, so it's a catch 22 situation.

So that's that. Ima gonna go take a power nap.

See y'all later !


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