Monday, May 02, 2005

( S )o ( H )appy ( I )t's ( T )uesday

Another day dawns on Montreal, and it's kind of dreary outside once AGAIN!!!

The day started at dawn, Peter is the only man I know who gets up in the middle of a sleep period to smoke a cigarette and go back to sleep! It's unnerving to say the least.

So I stayed up all night reading the rest of ( Light Before Day ) It was a GREAT read. Once again Christopher Rice weaves a tale that kept me turning pages instead of sleeping. The way he wove the story lines together was one of his trademark abilities. He did NOT disappoint with this latest writing. A must read !!

I only got a few hours of sleep before Peter was up and running at 7:30 this morning. I am a light sleeper. My Tuesday schedule gets fucked up this week, with classes starting on Thursday my hours of classes change drastically. Now I am in Class on Tuesday and Thursday for the most part of my recent "Off Time."

Native Traditions from 9:30a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and
Canadian History from 6:30p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Which rules out any meetings for Tuesday until the end of June. Oh well, the sacrifices one makes for a University Education. I even got to fill out my Financial Aid Application ONLINE for the next Academic Year 2005 - 2006 ... It was working this year as promised, so now I am ahead of the game. Which is always good, seeing that Quebec Financial Aid services is so UNRELIABLE.

Did you know that Tina Fey of the Saturday Night Live fame is pregnant !!! Way to go girl !!
I wonder who they will put in her spot when she takes off for Maternity leave? Or will they leave Amy Poehler by herself ?? Inquiring minds wanna know !!

I need to get some lunch and hop in the shower so I can get going by 3:30 to meet the coffee clutch at the G&A deli before my home group meeting. NOT that I am entirely excited to be going this week after last weeks insane and violent end to the business meeting. I must go and see how much damage was done to the rest of the people who were there, they won't be happy that I am taking almost 2 months off from set up, I've been doing this gig for 3 + years now.

I will be back with an update later this evening.

In the words of Jared ....

BOW Wow Wow, Yippie YO Yippie Yay !!!


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