Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Priest Claims He Was Fired For Complaint About Gay Cleric

Well well, what do we have here!!! A scandal in the Archdiocese of Miami.

( My HOME diocese that I WAS a Seminarian for from 1986-1987...) I left after my first year in shock and disgrace after being treated like SHIT by the Rector of the Seminary where I was enrolled!!!

Well if memory serves me, and seeing that i was IN a Catholic Seminary where improprieties were common... I think this bears talking about. I have seen the diocese send priests away for "counseling and alcohol addiction!" But I have seen the diocese also favor some GAY priests over others, not to mention all the closet case Homosexuals in the Diocese. Many of them were stationed at the Seminary that I attended. I knew some of these GAY PRIESTS personally.

They said MASS at the seminary as well.

I was told to keep secrets and to turn the other way and was threatened by upperclassmen who knew I saw them doing things, that weren't so HOLY !!!!

I kept that secret from my Pastor of (WHAT I SAW) while at the College for TEN YEARS after I left the seminary because it just fucked with my brain and my spirituality !!!

There are MANY gay priests in Miami who FLEW under the radar through their "formation!" I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT!!! The diocese will make issue of those who speak up. This report is the first I've seen in some time, just because I am sure they want to keep these things "under cover" so as to not tarnish the honor and HOLINESS of the Archdicese of Miami.

You turned your back on me when I was there, I do know that certain truths about male sexuality in the priesthood are kept secret, which is the major flaw of any diocese. I saw Gay priests get targeted. I saw them send priests away and I know some of the priests they put up in High positions in the Gay Community itself. I went on an AIDS retreat with an OPENLY GAY Priest who worked with the Gay Community.( and I did not think much of him either !!)

The report says this priest was not FROM the Diocese of Miami, but "filling in" while a pastor was on vacation with a male companion.

Well, I don't think that that could be far from the truth. I do know that there were Gay Priests having relationships with other priests and men while serving the Diocese. I saw it!! I was there !!! I know my truth as well. Maybe now those secrets the church is hiding there will come out in the laundry !!!

Gay Priests !!! This is NOT a new problem. It is an existing issue.

And has been as long as I was living in Miami for 34 years. I used to see them out in places that they should not have been. AND I can tell you that seminarians DID go GAY BAR Hopping while I was in Seminary !!!! Oh come on, some of those boys were just Blatantly GAY!!! It was Sunday ritual after lunch to go to UNCLE CHARLIE'S to drink and cruise !!! Been there - done that - Saw It Happen.

Many years later after I came out, I saw seminarians there after hours, and they knew I saw them So don't tell me that these are NEW DETAILS!!!

You see, I had not faced my sexuality at that point of my life. Being Gay (then) was not an issue I was just a boy barely out of High School, with one desire, to be a priest. I had not figured out what my "issue" was then, all I wanted to do was to serve God and His Church. But as it went, I was not "ready" to face the stress and peer pressure I got from Upper Classmen and those in Charge who thought me less of a community member and called me a loner and NOT PART OF !!!

There were a few seminarians in my day who aspired to be great men, those with egos and attitudes. You know who you are !! One of them I saw years later after he was ordained - saying mass on Miami TV... Oh what a charm that was to see...

I could NOT compete with those who Played Dirty and had the ear of those who would promote their education and those seminarians KISSED SOME MAJOR ASS and I know that is a TRUTH !!!

I know all the dirt on the Gay Secrets of the ARCHDIOCESE OF MIAMI....

Had I stayed I would have succeeded in my ministry save for the man who said I was "not an appropriate Candidate!" The rector of the Minor Seminary circa 1986-1987... The Vicar General of the Diocese of Miami (Then). HE humiliated me in front of the entire house, i had a nervous breakdown and did not leave my room for a week, while my room mate brought me food. 4 days later after noticing I was not "IN CHAPEL" he came to BEG my forgiveness.

Do I have a resentment against the church - YOU BET YOUR ASS I DO..

I hated that man for what he did to me that year he took over for the man I defended when the church SENT HIM AWAY for TREATMENT !!!!

I could go on and on about this topic, because I can probably guess that a good number of seminarians that were at the College that I attended ARE GAY and in Ministry Positions in the Archdiocese of Miami.

by The Associated Press

(Miami, Florida) A Roman Catholic priest has accused the Miami Archdiocese of wrongly firing him for complaining about gay activity by a fellow priest and financial improprieties. But the archdiocese denied that he was fired and called the allegations "malicious."

The Rev. Andrew Dowgiert sued in state court in Miami on Friday. His suit said the immediate cause of his firing from All Saints Catholic Church in Sunrise was that he resisted an archdiocese attempt to send him away for psychological and alcohol treatment. Dowgiert denied any problem with alcohol, the suit said.

Dowgiert said he was removed after refusing to sign checks for what the lawsuit calls "excessive" amounts while the pastor at All Saints was on vacation with a male companion. Two of Dowgiert's lawyers said one check was for $5,000 for a bed.

His lawyers said he was also being punished for complaining about the pastor's domestic partner, who was frequently at the parish.

Archbishop John Favalora "will defend the archdiocese and the priests named in this lawsuit very vigorously," archdiocese spokeswoman Mary Ross Agosta said Monday. "For someone to malign reputations of priests who have been good and faithful servants is malicious."

"Father Dowgiert has never belonged to the Archdiocese of Miami and served here temporarily with the permission of his Archbishop and (Favalora)," the archdiocese said in a statement. "When it became necessary to end Father Dowgiert's service here, the norms of canon law were followed."

Dowgiert was ordained in Poland in 1988 and served in South Florida between 1999 and 2004. He is suing on several counts, including breach of employment contract, slander and whistle-blower retaliation. He is seeking reinstatement.

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