Saturday, May 14, 2005


Saturday and it's ohhh so quiet in Montreal. It rained today and it has been grey and cool outside. It was nice to go down to the local Vid store and rent a couple of DVD's...

So All you married folk can chime in on this one for me.

Due to financial constraints and the fact that we are waiting on the government to release our Academic funds for the next academic year, which by the way, has already begun, and we were told that no assistance would be forthcoming till at least September!! So we had to cancel our August vacation, in opt of saving that cash already invested.

The next window of opportunity for any "vacation" from life, will come at the end of the Fall term in December. The very fine window from December 15th to January 5th. I went online this evening trying to find us something to do in that time period.

Now, here's the hitch !!

My inlaws expect us for Christmas, which is a nerveracking 5 day visit to Ottawa, being shuttled from house to house listening to my "Motherinlaw" go on and on and on. Now The first year Peter and I were together I sent him to Ottawa alone, the last TWO years past, WE went as a couple, now I am wondering if I am supposed to cave to my inlaws again this year, or do i have the right to say that i want Peter and I to go somewhere during that time period.

I have tentatively booked a weeks vacation at The Magic Kingdom the week before Christmas for US to be alone and for Peter to see Disney At Christmas. He's never been, and It is magical.

The other option is for us to take the Cruise we wanted to take, BUT, Christmas falls on a WEEKEND, Sunday to be exact. And you know how difficult and unmanageable flying over the holidays are!!!

But a cruise would take us over Christmas and I don't want to upset the inlaws by taking their son on a vacation other that to Ottawa over the holidays, and I am not sure how to navigate this issue without stressing my hubby out !!

So what would you do??? Is it necessary to spend each and every Holiday at the inlaws or do you draw the line at some point and say that you and your husband/wife have decided to so something else!

I'd like to hear what you have done in this situation.

I'm off to watch a little Discovery TV now.

I'm Outz !!


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