Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Foodnetwork Canada and no Hot water !!

Every day during the afternoons Peter and I have been vegging out in front of the tube and we watch food TV network Canada. It's amazing how many more meals we have added to our regular steak, chicken, pasta weekly regimen. I just love Nigella Lawson and Christine Cushing Live. Not to mention the Naked "Jaimey Oliver" Chef !!! WOOF !!!

So do you cook, like really cook? What is your favorite recipie?

I don't know where everyone went, but we have surpassed the 5,000 reader mark. There are alot of good reads lately from the bloglist. I guess that after papal watch, nobody stayed to keep up with my daily rantings on life. Oh well, I know there are at least two readers daily !! You know who you are.

School starts tomorrow. I called and got my financial aid squared away, do you know how unreliable the Quebec Student Financial Aid office is in Quebec City? Just a bunch of f*ckups and illiterate and stupid people. I have been told that they purposely LOOSE applications and delete important information (they call it PURGING) information from the system, which means if you are a Quebec Student you better check to make sure your file is up to date.


There is NO hot water for residents on the 11th to 20th floors ! it has been out for now 2 days.
I learned just a little while ago that the hot water tanks are split for the entire building and that they hope that the repair team comes back this evening and I was told that we "might" get hot water back by 10pm this evening. I am not happy at all with this building.

This morning for the 10th time in 2 months the fire alarms went off (AGAIN). You see we have what we like to call "The downstairs Channel" the security cam in the lobby. When the fire alarm goes off, as it has done numerous times in the past 3 years, we watch to see if the fire department shows up - the fire alarm central control is in the lobby, so it usually takes the fire department 10 minutes to get in the front door after the alarm goes off. There have been over 30 false alarms in the last "calendar year." Not all the tenants will walk down 20 flights of stairs when the alarms go off any more. Which is very dangerous, because one of these alarms is going to be the real thing, and people are deciding NOT to heed the warning, as we do in this apartment. And there is no way to announce to the higher floors that this is NOT just a false alarm. Talk about the boy who called wolf ! I just turned on the downstairs channel and went back to bed. The fire department showed up as I said, turned the alarm off and left! I hate living here.

Allright, I need some assistance with an issue. I need to find some resources for Cerebral Palsy Service organizations. I have a fellow blogger who needs assistance in his town because his home health care service provider is NOT doing their jobs. I did some online research last night, but I need to find something in the London Kentucky (USA) area or in the nearest (Largest) city center. If anyone has some advice to get me in the vicinity!

I am going to cook some gourmet turkey steaks tonight for dinner. So I am off for now.

See y'all later !!

LOST - American Idol and the ABC scandal show is on tonight so i will post (Post-shows)


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