Wednesday, April 20, 2005

YES, A homily

Was I surprised as i posted that last entry that a homily was offered by Pope Benedict XVI. He was humble and said a great many things and it gave me hope. He paid tribute to Pope John Paul II, and he stated that the dialogue that was begun by his predecessor, will continue. He said many things that gave me hope that maybe things may open and that the church will grow with her people.

I found his homily to be sincere and humble. He stated church doctrine and church teaching and he pledged his service to God and asked us for our prayers. He asked the priests, Bishops, Cardinals and men of God to be faithful and supportive through prayer.

He stressed this year being the Year of the Eucharist, that we should focus on the eucharist as the connection to Christ. I found that his manor and demeanor was calm and open. His openness to say that we will move forward was a good sign.

I hope to have the full context of his message in the coming hours, I am sure someone is typing it into the system, as I write this.

I feel a bit less stressed having heard his first message. I taped it actually.

So it begins.


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