Thursday, April 14, 2005

Where do we go from here???

I was not happy when Peter and I got to Pharmaprix to get my film from last night, only for the girl to tell me that NOTHING came out on the roll of pictures!!! (WTF?) Not a single shot came out. I was pissed, but oh well, I will have to get another camera and go back up in the coming days.

So, onto tonights post...God, who is He, what is He, Where is He??

God has been God since the day I learned of him. He is the God of the Bible, of the Old Testament and of Scripture. I never meant to say that My God was any different than the one I was fed and taught. I know who my God is. But at this time in my life, "He" is someone upon whom I can trust and pray to. A father that hears my prayers and watches me live my days as they come. The God of Christian origins is the God of my father. I have never "moved" him from his hallowed place in the heavens. My worship of God remains as strong as it was years ago, with a focused attempt to see God in my life as an active participant. Who knows that I am Gay, a sinner and a man and a husband and a friend.

I don't follow what the church tells me God says or thinks... I think it is arrogance that one would assume to know just what God thinks about people. There is my separation of Church and reality. Does any man on earth Have God's ear? And if there is such a man, why has he not made himself available for toll free discussions with the almighty!

From Eric's last Entry:

Third, and finally (at least for THIS post) Jer asks in his comment to my previous post, "How do we proceed?") My initial response is "What?!?! I only pose the hypothesis; don't expect me to do anything about it!" But, actually Jer's question is an interesting one, and one I'd like to explore. So, "How do we proceed?"

I think the process for working out for ourselves an understanding of What/Who God is begins with stating the basic question which will guide our considerations, followed by a supposition or understanding of the goal, then finally the posing of a question (or more).

I know that I am hardly the first individual to pose the questions in my previous post. In fact, those who read this post know that I have read some of Spong's books and that Bishop Spong does indeed address much of this. But I'm uncomfortable with Spong's assertions, and I'm even more uncomfortable replacing one icon with another. So, to the topic/hypothesis.

I believe that, for now, the question is simple: "Is God relevant to humanity in light of the phenomenal growth of scientific knowledge?"


I believe that science is trying to define the existence of God. And the Church does not want science and God to be discussed in the same "sentance" so to speak. Peter says that yes God is relevant because science can prove the existence of God. Theoretical Physics (string theory, 11th dimensional hyperspace theory) is slowly moving towards being able to prove the existence of higher planes upon which "divine" entities might exist. We have not yet discovered everything that there IS to discover. To assume we have would be arrogant.

The supposition on which I would build my process is that since human understanding of God is mutable, any results of the process are themselves subject to change over time, even the lifetime of those arriving at the results.

And finally the question to be posed as an initial understanding of the task would be a simple one. What can we know (or think we know) about the nature of God? A correlative question would necessarily be (in light of my foregoing discussion) Can we accept the following hypothesis: "God is immutable, human comprehension of the nature of God is not"?

Yes, I agree here, God is immutable. "He IS who He is, as in I AM who I AM." I don't begin to think that I innately know or assume to know the divine nature of God. To know God so initmately and completely would render us "as God." I would not be so arrogant to think that I would know God to that degree or pose any belief of the finality of God's existence.

Where do we go from here?

My religious studies will continue. I will continue to seek God where I will find him. I will study the church as I have been, and I will find the spaces between the words and the ages to find the voices of those people whom I believe made up the "entire" voice of the church as it was built upon the WOMEN and MEN of early Christianity.

I don't believe the church as an institution wants us to question the Doctors and Theologians of the early church. Because IF we DO, we might find that some of their teachings and doctrines are full of SHIT ! The sheer amount of Christian knowledge that has been subverted and silenced over 2000 years, gives us quite a different picture of the Church and of Christ. This information about the Human/Divine being of Christ has threatened to turn the institutional Roman Catholic Church on its ear.

I believe that If I had a choice of where I wanted to take my education, it would be in the area of Christian Education and the silent voices of the church. The Women, the Gnostics, the Mystics and the Hermits. The Brothers, the Monks and the Christian Women of Faith.

I could spend the rest of my life Re-Writing Christian History combining Female Christian thought and spirituality. That would be ONE HELL of a History Book!!! God remains where He has always been. The God of my father, The God of my Religion. The God of the Hebrew Peoples. If you move God or rename him, then you do not worship the same God that I do.

I could care less of what science can tell me about the existence of God and where He can be found! What drives my faith is the questions such as these:

1. Why were women so marginalized?
2. Why were the Gnostic Gospels silenced?
3. Did Jesus have human relations with ANYONE?
4. Is there a Human Component of the Jesus Person?
5. Why won't the church open itself to the other voices of Early Christianity?
6. Why was mysoginy such the practice? I mean I know men had issues, but to the extent that they spoke about women so strongly tells me that they MEN could not get past their own sexual desires.
7. What is the Church REALLY HIDING???
8. What secret documents DO EXIST in the vatican archives that the rest of the world DESERVES to SEE and READ and KNOW???

This discussion will continue as long as man walks the earth and IF he continues to wonder about God and religion. So were do we go from HERE?


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