Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The wanderer...

"As people of faith, and here I'm speaking of the philosophical theologians, both educated as such, and those lacking formal education, as these thinkers reflect on who and what God is in light of the expansion of knowledge they will see that religion itself cannot remain static. Religion, and the practice of it, must change to meet the new paradigms confronting it as scientific knowledge of the natural realm expands.

The precepts of Christian faith in it's current configuration met the spiritual and religious needs of humankind for a time. But that may or may not be true any longer.

In the field of religion, humanity shows its nature to be fearful of change. We resist moving into new areas of thought because we have difficulty comprehending that dogma is not black and white, no matter how much we want it to be."

From Eric... Was that me you were asking?? No, I was not offended...

Yes I do believe that God changes to meet the needs of those who do not believe in immutability, and I suppose there are those of us who see God chaging as we need him to change, hence my ability to practice my faith as I see fit. Times are changing and I think as we evolve I believe that God changes with us. YET the institution steeped in dogma and tradition is unwilling AND unable to change. "It" is stuck in a time warp never to be remodeled. I didn't watch Supervolcano on Sunday night.

There are many things that Mother Church will have to look at and I think that it would take great courage for the men in red hats to realize that things must change now in the light of recent events. God I believe is shaking his head, and I suppose that sooner or later he is going to send a BOLT of light into the darkness of the hallowed walls and say

"Hey, listen up. People are searching and you keep them in the dark!"

That is why people like us must keep our faith alive to show the other wanderers out there that there IS a path to follow into the next millenium. If not us then who? Someone has to have the courage to speak up and say, THIS is what I believe that God is saying to "me" at least.

My initial questions of faith have been answered. I learned after I was sent back from the other side that maybe all those questions I asked in the garden were "there" for me to ask as I live my life every day. So we look at dreams and daily life and we see if we recognize the answers to those all "important" questions about faith, God and the ever changing face of religion and life.

Things have to change in this the 21st century, But I don't see the men of the institution coming to this same enlightenment. The fact that people and teachings have been subverted and shut out of the Canon (ie. women and gnostic gospels) tells me that IF these texts and people were recognized as "relevant" the face of religion would be changed forever. But to give credence to certain writings would tell us that the face of God was not what we thought or what we were taught. And surely Jesus would take on an entirely new persona, as a man who loved, and was loved in return, thereby confirming his "Human Nature." and God forbid the church ever admiting this truth. For divinity is the only path that Jesus ever walked.....Not true in my book.

The church has to change or crumble and fall under the weight of its own Ignorance, Intolerance and inability to face the future with an attitude of "what is necessary to move forward as a church?"

Mother Church must accept responsibility for the actions of those who abused their positions, they must make headway in the propogation of the faith, and the men who lead us into the next Papal Reign must elect someone who can think openly and bring modernization to a church that is lost in the dust and shadows of the past.


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