Friday, April 08, 2005

Thoughts on a funeral

I stayed up all night and I taped about 5 hours of video from different news outlets on the Papal funeral. I stuck with CNN and the team of Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour and assorted other commentators for CNN. It seemed they had the best coverage, not to mention that that team was WELL prepared and their presentation was excellent. I happen to like Anderson and Christiane's reporting. They make a fantastic team.

I was amazed at the sheer numbers of people who were in St. Peter's Square. I have been to the vatican myself and It is just an amazing space to stand in, not to mention climbing the cuppola and looking down into the vatican gardens. I watched and remembered my visit to vatican city.

The Presider the Most Reverend Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was visibly moved. Which I found to be totally out of character for him, seeing he is one of the most "hated" men of the church for the many "vitriolic" writings of the church. I don't happen to find him a very Holy Man in my book because he has openly attacked so many people with his writings.

But as they all have said, he was the "man to do the job." The funeral was amazing. I have attended masses within the vatican myself but nothing to this degree of "pomp and circumstance." I have posted here on my blog all kinds of reports from various sources and it seems that MANY people are reading this blog, as of late. None of my regular readers have been by in the last 2 weeks.

The Cardinal Bernard Law controversy should be ended with him being stripped of his status of Cardinal, he should be dis-invited from the conclave and he should be sent home as a mere parish priest. I don't think he should be let to say ANY masses for the Pope, seeing he is the lead "screwup" of the North American Catholic Church. Send that man packing.

I was moved on several occasions during the mass by the people who were in attendance of the Holy Father's funeral. It is a testament to his life, the fact that "Millions" of people came to pay their respects to him. Not to mention the HUGE grouping of world leaders, Presidents, Kings and Queens and Diplomats from the Middle East and around the world. A very touching display of world "unity and peace" if only for a day.

I may not have agreed with the Church's views on many topics, but I did participate with my faith is paying tribute to a man who really did Change the World one day and one visit at a time. If you are watching retrospectives on TV tonight, there is so much the church did behind the scenes to bring about peace in many areas of the world.

I found it touching as well at the end of the funeral to hear the chants and prayers of the Eastern Church Patriarchs paying homage to the Holy Father. I think John Paul was looking down and smiling upon the whole funeral.

* Did you notice *

That when the gospel book was laid on the casket, it was opened and left that way, soon after that the wind was not blowing too hard, but as the funeral progressed the pages flipped from one to another, in the end the front cover of the gospel book was blown "Shut" as if the Gospel was being closed on one chapter of a pope's life and now, as the funeral ended the Gospel book was ready to be "opened" by the churches next faithful leader.

There was a solar ecclipse this day as well, and if you were paying attention, it did start to darken a little as I saw street lamps were lit during pan shots of the many cameras on the square.

Also, the shutters to the Popes bedroom in the Apostolic Palace were closed.

I have posted a report showing the final resting place of the Holy Father in the grotto for you to see. Now that John XXIII was relocated to a chapel on the main floor of the Vatican due to his beatified position within the church, Pope John Paul will occupy his place in the grotto.

Where will the church go next? one can only pray. I will continue to post Papal news through the re-election of our next pontiff. So keep reading and stay tuned.

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