Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday in Review (24April)

It is after 7pm est here in Montreal, and I spent the entire day in bed communing with my comfy pillows. I stayed up all night Saturday Night in anticipation of the Papal Installation Mass at 4am this morning. It was a glorious mass, all the people in the square. St. Peter's is an immense space and the fact that they started at the sepulchur with the first prayer and the incensing the pallium and the ring, was great.

The mass was solmen but I love that about St. Peter's the singing and chanting was amazing. I love the chant during mass, it reminds me of my seminary days. I find that the latin chant of the readings is so beautiful. It was amazing to see all the dignitaries and family and friends of Pope Benedict in attendance.

The Homily by Pope Benedict was incredible. I was so moved by what he spoke about, Unity and commitment and the "finding of God." there was, to me , an air of humility about him, as if he was grasping for breath and trying to find God's hand to hold, which isn't a bad thing, it is said that he did not want this job, but accepted the call of God to be Pope, with reverence and humility. The text of his homily appears below. You can read it in it's entirety.

I thought the Mass was amazing, the Holy Father brought a world together for a couple of hours to pray, to ask for our prayers, he called upon the angels and saints and then God himself to help him in his ministry. I thought that was incredible. Without God, (in my faith) nothing is possible.

Whatever your take on God or faith is, everyone, at some level believes in something greather than themselves, whether it be Eastern or Western in scope. Yeah I am Catholic, but i incorporate many different "other" traditions into my life. I am drawn to the study of Zen and Dao. Very different from the rigid religious teachings of the church. Living "Outside the Box" as I do, gives me a chnage of pace when it comes to God or a Higher Power. God is "out there" somewhere and I am just a blip on the radar. For me God or Whomever she is, is always approachable. Judgement in my eyes is a man made construct. I don't beleive that God has made judgements on certain issues or topics. And Until A higher power comes down and tells me I am doing something wrong, "personally" then I stay the course. That is how I merge the East and West into my being. Nobody dictates to me just How, When or Where I will worship.

I don't know where all of my readers went, i am sure i've scared many off by the Papal watch, but I invite you all to come and read anyway, you never know when I am going to have an Epiphany!!

Time for dinner. or should that be breakfast !


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