Wednesday, April 13, 2005

"Space ......... MOUNTAIN"

T-minus 12 hours and counting...

The boy is returning home to Plattsburgh tomorrow morning, and not a day too soon. We love him to death, but he needs to go and try and make it once again. Space is important when three people are occupying a one bedroom apartment.

Tonight, we took a trip up the mountain. It was clear and COLD brrrrr.

The city was amazingly beautiful, lit up across the miles and miles one can see from atop the mountain. With the clear skies one can see upwards of 30 miles in all directions. The Cross sits atop the mountain on the East face of the mountain overlooking the Olympic Stadium and village in the east end of Montreal. It was amazing. I took alot of pictures from up there, which i will post tomorrow sometime. I still live in "film developing land."

We walked around to the Chalet house where I got some really nice shots of the Downtown Panoramic View from the South face of the mountain. The city is amazing all lit up at night, but I have posted those pictures some time ago, if you look in my archives. Tomorrow I will post my own shots.

Not a whole lot going on other than CSI New York on TV.

I've done a good amount of reading today and commented a several blogs. Y'all know who you are, we all learn from each other, and we all grow up according to our abilities. Being beautiful comes from within (jaded) being sufficient does not mean we are needy. It is always good to be needed. For a long time I had to learn to live alone, and do it well, before I could live with another and make it work. Learning how to look and act graceful under pressure takes some work, but can be achieved. I can be self sufficient and be good at it. I can be by myself and not loose my mind. I know when I need to be loved and hugged and made to feel not so alone. A long term relationship with another takes alot of work, self sacrifice and compassion. Knowing when to say, it is enough for me to just sit in the same room with (him) is progress. I am sufficiently cared for and i care for others. Just know you're not alone out there is Aussie Land.

I am well and good today, because I have blogger friends all over the world. And I am loved at home. See y'all tomorrow, with some new pics here on the blog.


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