Sunday, April 17, 2005

Saturday Thoughts

It has been a quiet week in the neighborhood. I know i've been giving you all my reports on Vatican goings on and the hunt for a new pope news. I spend some time each day reading blogs from all over the world. If you check my Blog List -----> Over there, there is quite a bit of reading for your daily digest.

The reports coming from the News do not sound good on Canadian Politics. The talk tonight is that an election call may come sometime during Mid May!! God help us all, if the conservatives get into any commanding lead. It doesn't look good for the Liberal Party at all. But I am no politician. I am too green to be reporting or commenting on politics.

The other night Peter and I had coffee with friends, (they) are Married as well. It was the first time meeting my friends Hubby. They got married a few weeks before we did last Fall. It is nice to have "married" friends. You'd never guess how "cruisy" Chapter's Book Store is downtown. What do Gay Couples talk about over coffee you dare ask??? Well, we talk about television, politics, work and what else "our husbands." Did I mention that we both like to watch "The "L" Word" on Showcase Canada!!! We had a good time. After spending so much time talking about our lives and husbands online and at coffee between my friend and I, it was great to see how the four of us bonded together in the same space.

After coffee Peter and I did some book shopping before coming home, and I did buy a couple of books for my reading pleasure. St. Augustine jumped off the shelf in the form of "Confessions of a Sinner." The full text of Augustine's Confession, which I read partially last Winter in my Catacombs, Crusades and Convents Class. I wrote a paper on this topic then as well. Check my archives for the paper!!!

I was very surprised to see a new Dan Millman Book on the Shelves as well. If you have read his other works: Way of the Peaceful Warrior and Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior... You will have to get a copy of this new text called: "The Journeys of Socrates!!" I am reading this book as we speak. Finding new Dan Millman writing is Divine! I have all of his books on my bookcase. I find that they are great teaching tools, and as well, his books are readable at any stage of your life. The Peaceful Warrior series are book that I re-read at least once a year. You can get more info about Dan Millman at:

I finished writing my last Final Exam for my Self and Other (Ethics) class last night. Now I am on vacation until the beginning of May when Summer Term 1 starts. I will be taking Canadian History (Post Confederation) and Native Traditions, during First Session.

Did I mention that it is beautiful outside, that is warmed up quite nicely lately? It so warm outside that construction work has started on the West end of Ste. Catherine's Street. The fixing of sidewalks and roads and the "MASSIVE" potholes project has begun. It will take them months to complete the road project, just in time for the Winter 2005-2006 season.

VACATION to Florida starts in 125 days from today !!! August 19th...

Here is my list of Shout Out's !!!

I hope that Mike's cat is better tonight.
I hope that our dating friend in Miami Keeps the Faith.
I hope that Jesse stops blogging while at work before he gets FIRED !!
I don't know if Matt is going to Warsaw yet...
Maybe I'll get the courage to ask Chris 20 questions.
I hope Chuck's friend has made it through her surgery and is allright.
It it time for the Real Live Preacher to come back and write.
J(aded) is a great read at the Occasional Screaming Queen - Stay Beautiful
Mike is going to be trout fishing tomorrow, Have Fun !!
My friend in the T-Dot is doing well, Stop having so much fun down there !!!
There are a Number of religious men you should read on my Bloglist
Oh did I mention a big shout out to LUCAS MIRE....
You can get his Cd at:
OR at:
OR at:

OH And My girl in Washington.....Time to kick Mr. Teddy to the curb and say
"Talk to the hand!!! Don't make me come down there and open a can of Whoop Ass on ya !!!!

I am hoping to get a new camera in the coming week So I will be uploading new shots of Montreal in the Spring and some Pics of the Purple Cross on Mount Royal. (Hopefully!!!)


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