Thursday, April 28, 2005

Rain, Rain Go Away !!!

Another cold and miserable rainy day in Montreal. Ok, I'd rather it SNOW than Rain.

I started reading Christopher Rice's book: Light Before Day, last night. I am enjoying it.

I spent the day being "present" for my pigeon. He asked the $64,000.00 question today !!
And I responded, I thought I already was !! He replied, well, I wanted to make it official. We moved him out of the rehab this afternoon, he starts the day program of the 5th. I helped him move all his stuff back home, to a very quaint and comfortable rooming house not far from my house, which is nice. He can come over and hang out here if he feels so inclined. I find it very satisfying that this man is an open and free thinker, he doesn't have a problem with me ( as a gay man ) most straight men I know would rather not socialize any deeper than at a meeting, Now I am his Sponsor, that meant alot to me.

I guess I have what he wants. So I spent the balance of the day with him talking and sharing about my life and I hope at this point that he knows I mean business and that he is ready to get on the journey, Already !!! There are mountains to climb and oceans to cross, and I know from today's discussion that it will be a LONG ROAD !! And it's not going to be easy.

It is miserable and raining today, so we got soaked on the way back to his place. There's not much else going on here, i need to get dinner on the stove, and spend some time with my hubby.
So that's it for today's entry. Maybe I'll be inspired to write more later tonight.

See ya !


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