Wednesday, April 27, 2005


It is raining, RAINING, RAINING in Montreal.

It is cold, and miserable here today. And I had to get out of bed this morning. DAMMIT !!

The rehab called this morning about my pigeon. The woman was less than pleasant. And I told her that as a drugs and alcohol counselor myself, that the way pigeon was treated was un-acceptible. She semed to be listening. He won't be going back, we got him into another program that is highly reccommended and has proved to be very useful to young people in this community. Many young people have gone through this day program and have been successful at keeping addiction in check !

I went to school for my appointment with destiny this afternoon. I got to see Ellie, the minister who married Peter and I, she just got back from Germany, visiting family for a confirmation ceremony. She commented at the end of our meeting that she found it very interesting to be in Germany when Pope Benedict, then Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger was elected. She said that they had all kinds of stuff to buy, and even a Papal Beer named after him. How interesting.

So I met with Ellie and the supervisor for the Peer Counseling program this afternoon - this was my introduction to the Year Long Commitment that I am making to the Chaplaincy office at Concordia and the Peer Counseling Program. We talked about my application and my strengths, weaknesses and my life. It was "all about me" ha ha ha, no it wasn't. I seemed to peak the supervisors interest in my life history and experience, because in the end, she said she looked forward to hearing the "rest of my story!"

Friday is the first orientation session for everyone who has applied for the 2005-2006 Academic year. I told them that I had hoped to follow my studies with a Chaplaincy-like career, I am hoping this leads to something. With all the life experience I have and my openness to God in my acceptance of my personal calling, I am confident that eventually a door or window will open for me. It was a good meeting and I left Ellies office with a good feeling. So we will see what happens on Friday.

On the way home I had to go by the post office to pick up an Amazon Pack, with my new book purchase: Christopher Rice's "Light Before Day." Christopher Rice is the son of the famed author Anne Rice. I met Christopher Rice a few Years ago in Miami, He came to Books and Books for a reading and book signing of his novel ( A Density of Souls ) Christopher Rice has now 3 novels under his belt. (1) A Density of Souls, (2) The Snow Garden and (3) Light Before Day. He is a GREAT writer. He's quite handsome, if i do say so myself. I have a "FEW" books by his sainted mother. My entire book case is a shrine to the multi-talented Ms. Rice.

On the way to the post office (in the pouring RAIN!) I ran into pigeon, he was on his way home from Chapter's ( a local book seller ) he wanted some books to read, and I happen to have copies of what he was looking for so he came over for a bit to get them and to meet Peter.

Time to "PAY it FORWARD !!!"

That book is making a comeback again. It seems that People in Recovery "Get It" when they hear the concept of Paying it Forward!! What a great tool to encourage sobriety. Hey, I believe that "WHATEVER, works!!!" If it helps you stay sober then by all means I will work with it. I mean I took that route myself. I am still alive after 13 years and I am still clean and sober almost 4 years now. I read Pay it Forward when I got sober in 2001. And I practice that axiom to this day.

After a short chat, I sent pigeon on his way. He's supposed to call me in the morning. I think I am gonna get dinner prepared, take a hot bath, and curl up with Christopher in Bed and read tonight.


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