Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My Oh so boring Life !!!

So i realize tonight after reading ALL the blogs on my blog list that my life is boring. I spent the better part of the afternoon talking religion with several "friends" and Clergy over at school.

Taking a position on a very "hot topic" issue is something I am learning to do, as demonstrated here on my blog. I am getting into Religious Politics and Teaching now at Concordia. I am interviewing for a position on the Chaplaincy Peer Support Program next week. It is a time commitment to the Chaplaincy office beginning in the Fall for 1 year.

I spoke to Father Georges a bit about our new Holy Father and i also gave him a copy of the text from Benedict XVI first homily from mass this morning. I am trying to define a spiritual path for myself in accordance with the church and the request of the Holy Father to join him in prayer and obedience. I am not one for "obedience" but I am willing to try and work on hope and faith.

Fr. George and I had a nice discussion, I have changed, in that sense I have evolved as a man, and a Christian, and I find it very pleasing that we always move forward and we grow and we evolve as people. There is truth in the words: I find diversity in people the one thing that makes us unique and it gives us a platform to discuss, pray and be community. It is what is different that brings us together, the world would be so boring if we all were the same.

I went to see my favorite prof. after that to pick his brain about our new addition to the office of Pope. We shared some thought and discussion. I just read over my last two papers from Prof. B, and I did well on my Women in Religion paper on the Collaboration of men and women, that i set here for you to read earlier, (I got a B ) and on the Final Exam essay i got a (B) as well. I am pleased with the work. As usual there is room for improvement and ellaboration on a few topics I wrote about.

Allright I am gonna steal some material from Chris....

Here is some blogger participation activity !!! Chris calls it 20 questions. So over in the comments section you can ask up to 4 questions per person and I will do my best to answer them. There are no Off Limits questions. So ask away and look forward to my answers.


There are a few blogs --------> over there that I am encouraging you all to go read.

1. Andrew on the Road.. He has updated his Asia Lonely Planet Blog recently, go read, it is quite an adventure.
2. Falcon Blog, go down under to the land of New Zealand and all points North and South, here you will find some Incredible photography and narrative from his journey.
3. Joshua Time, this is a special blog, a little contribution from Joshua, an aspiring journalist and writer. Everyone needs to find their place.

And as usual, the rest of my list is interesting. There are a few NEW bloggers on the list as of late, if you look closely.
a. I could eat the world
b. Joking around with life
c. The Avant Garden

These are younger bloggers who came by my blog in the last week, i decided to give them some list space.


I have found that the two Dating Bloggers ( San Diego - Dating Dummy )
and (Miami - Dating in Miami ) are great reads as well.

I guess I have a few good pieces of advice, so if you have a question or concern or you would like me to tackle an issue or topic then ask away. It seems my readership has SPIKED in the last 48 hours, almost 1000 hits in two days. From all over the world. Welcome aboard.


School is out, and Spring is here, it is COLD - Raining - and miserable in Montreal tonight.

I don't have anything wonderful or anything close to some of the adventures I am reading about tonight to offer you, so come on, ask away, give me something to write about, or i will continue on the same thought pattern. I NEED some New Material !!!


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