Saturday, April 23, 2005

Late Beginning

Well, as it is, it is cold and raining in Montreal, so what did Peter and I do all day, but get into bed and sleep half the night away. He prepped dinner in the Crock Pot and set it to cook, and we snuggled up in bed together and napped until 9.

We watched "Hotel Rwanda" tonight. That is one INTENSE movie. It was painful to watch, but to know that One man can and DID make a difference in 1200 peoples lives was amazing. It was worthy of Oscar Nominations as it was. And I think if "Ray" had not been a high contender, this film could have won Best Picture.

I had another one of my technicolor dreams this evening, but it wasn't like any that I have had before. I found myself in a community of faithful, in what I'd call the church of the open mind. There were people I knew there. Many faces I found familiar. But not ones that are from my daily life, as in my faith community at Loyola. I remember that we were in a very large building, that I've never seen in real life, but I knew it in my dream, as if I have visited this place before. It harkens back from my "Fern Gully" dream" I'd have to tell you about that one as well, eventually. Anyways, I spent some time in this HUGE worship space with my friends and there was divine singing and worship, like I've not felt or seen in a very long time. It was not like the space in Miami either.

I knew in the dream that i belonged here, or that i was once a part of this community at one time, I've been studying my dreams as of late because they are coming almost every night. It just seemed that I was here for a reason, and I've yet to figure it out. so that was that.

The Papal Installation mass begins in a few hours, and of course I will be up to tape and observe the ritual. I am wondering how his first homily will come across, seeing that His Holiness has said some pretty strict stuff, just days into his papacy. I get the feeling that the LGBT community will not catch a break from this pope either. Oh well, let us pray !

There's nothing much else going on here. So I will close for now.


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