Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Is everyone just Insane today? Or am I just too sane???

I have been up since 8:30 this morning. I had to be present for my "pigeon." For those of you not familiar with "Sober Lingo" a pigeon is a sponsee. Why do we call them pigeons, because pigeons shit on their sponsors heads !! ha ha ha

So anyways, he's not going back to the rehab. And he is gonna try the route that I have suggested to him, we'll see where that leads. At least he has kept to his word today. It was an eventful day. I took care of business this morning concerning the rehab, but they never called me back, as I had requested, which tells me alot about how they operate, and why the relapse rate out of that rehab is so HIGH!!!

I went to the office this morning, and spent some time with an old timer, whom I beleive is one of the kindest men I know. Stan is a great man, and I wanted to talk with him and it seems that he kept us all entertained today. I find it extremely important to remember and share with Old Timers and it is important to listen, really "Listen" to them, because they have gifts that may never be heard again. Anyway, So many of us younger men in my sober circle are searching for someone for pieces of the roadmap. Good Male Role Models in Montreal sobriety are hard to find, let alone responsible, accountable men whom we can look to for guidance. We had a discussion at one point in the afternoon with some new visitors to the center, who are lost and don't know who to turn to, the center is a very "female" energy centered. There are few men who give of their time there. So many men have failed in imparting wise advice to their sons, that now that these men are getting sober, they have no one to turn to. So as "community" we always show up on Tuesday for the Lunch Bunch Meeting.

The day was glorious, not too warm, and not too cool. The sky was blue for the balance of the day, which was wonderful. The trees are greening up, and the gardens are starting to fill out. OH OH OH OH ... guess what I saw today !! A red Breasted Robin, outside the church at my home group this evening. She flew down and stood there and stared at us as we sat outside the church. It was as if she was wanting us to look at her. I always think of my grandmother Jeannie when I see the Robin. And I remarked to my friends that grammy was visiting me !! And I said that out loud too, and the Robin got closer to us as we sat there.

I chaired the 6:30p.m. meeting - the last Tuesday for my month !! It was a Who are You and What do you Bring Meeting... I always end the month with those two questions. And it got raved reviews once again this month. New people at this meeting gave us something new to reflect on.

After the meeting, mind you that was another story. I think that people need to stop and breathe sometimes. I heard language at the business meeting that I've never heard before. People were screaming and yelling at each other, swearing. I was like, Whoa boys and girls someone needs to take a deep breath and a friend offered maybe a valium while yer at it !!! People are just getting fed up with each other. And we are trying to keep this home group floating above the water, because membership is down and people don't want to commit to service anymore, I left the meeting shaking my head and I was not pleased at all.

Stopping at the grocery store was another fiasco. I just don't know what's going on in Montreal tonight, but it was scary being out in public tonight. After doing my shppoing I went through the speed lane because my friend Michael was on lane 1, and he was spinning out of control. He looked at me and said, that it had been a crazy night in the store, and he was going nutz !!! Is it a full moon or something, or am I really that sane, that i can see INSANITY for what it's worth.

People are just raring to go here in the city !!! Tempers are flaring and people are impatient and rude and obnoxious. It is not as if people are still suffering from cabin fever at this point, but jeez, somethings gotta give or things are just gonna get worse!!

Anyway, I wanna go relax and watch the rest of the Amazing Race ! And I am waiting for my pigeon to call. So see y'all later.


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