Friday, April 22, 2005

Friday Thoughts

If you haven't been reading, shame on you !!! Can we please stop talking about the Pope now!!
I need a rest from Catholicmania !! I am not turning against him just yet. Although today's post about Spains decision to push the Gay marriage bill through has him talking already !!


You know that in recovery there are no justifiable resentments. And what people think of you is NONE of your business. Go on and Do David Letterman. Share in his Joy of his new son, talk about your life, your hopes and your commitments to service. DO IT !! Is this decision, one of those that in a few years you might regret saying to yourself, I should of done Dave. Men are pigs, don't let them dictate what you are going to do !! There are millions of us out here who would like to see and HEAR you!!


Don't let your mother's ignorance upset you. I had the same shit in my home when I was growing up and I had not come out until I moved out, because my parents were so judgemental and homophobic. They are still like that to this day. Rise above that CRAP, and don't let it get to you, you are better than that.

Life !!

I spent the day out of the house this afternoon, exploring the village because it is beautiful outside today! They say it's gonna rain all weekend !! Dammit !! There's not a whole lot going on here now, I am on vacation from classes, thank god.

I will try and write some more later tonight, i just don't feel inspired right now. I need to eat dinner and watch the movies I rented last night, Hotel Rwanda and Spanglish with Adam Sandler. So see y'all later.


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