Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday night

What did I tell you about pigeons shitting on their sponsors heads ?

I am not feeling well today, I've been walking around the city in this miserable weather and i'm catching a cold again, not to mention that it is cold out as well. So anyways, After my orientation session at school this afternoon I came home and crawled into bed. The pigeon called twice while i was sleeping to ask me to meet him this evening at a meeting on the other side of town,
( that means 2 trains and a bus in each direction). So i said yeah, i'd be there.

I left at 7:45p.m. - I got home at 11:15p.m.

( I was there - he wasn't ). This was a lesson in "But for the grace of God !!"

I'm tired and I need to go back to bed. There's alot I wanted to write about tonight, but I just don't have the steam to do it tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

Where have all my readers gone??? Am I that boring a writer?


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