Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday Feast (April 1st 2005)

Appetizer - Describe your week in one word.


Soup - Tell about a funny practical joke that you've played on someone (or that was played on you!).

On my graduation day from High School, I did not know if I would graduate because I needed desparately to pass my Final Exam in Geometry, and I was not a numbers kind of kid. My math skills were terrible. After graduation I went down to trade in my cap and gown for my diploma and when I got my envelope it was empty!! My friends had gone down and removed my diploma from its place... Distraught, I walked around a corner in the arena and there they were holding my diploma and laughing. ( I was not laughing ! )

Salad - Name someone you had a crush on when you were a kid.

My best friend Matt. The year that I turned 21 we were on a cruise in the Bahamas and in a drunken stupor professed my love for him, that was the END of our many year friendship. He never spoke to me again after that trip.

Main Course - If you were a member of royalty, what would your title be?

But of course "Queen !!"

Dessert - What colors are the clothes you are wearing today?

I am wearing my blue plaid cozies and a grey t-shirt. Hell, I just got out of Bed !!


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