Saturday, April 02, 2005

Eucharistic Prayers

I went to mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral tonight at 5 p.m. Because I felt it necessary to pray for the repose of the soul of the Pontiff. Tonight begins the ritualized process of electing a new Pope. As I said in an earlier post, the Camerlengo spoke his name 3 times, upon his death. With no answer the papal ring was removed and the ring and seal were broken, to bring an end to John Paul's Papacy. The Papal apartment was cleaned and locked up.

Now the preparartion of his body will take place, with The Holy Father lying in State at the Vatican for a few days, while preparations for his funeral are made. Dignitaries and Religious from around the world will be summoned to Rome for the Papal Funeral. The Cardinals will be gathered in the Vatican and the Camerlengo is now in charge of the Holy Catholic Church.

After the funeral of the Holy Father, his remains will be interred in the Vatican, along with the past popes. There is a Crypt underneath the main floor of the Vatican. Which I have seen when I visited the Holy Father in Rome. There are a number of chapels and niches which are located in the crypt of the Vatican.

The Conclave will be called after the funeral of the Holy Father. There, under the guidance of God and the prayers of the millions of Catholics around the globe, as well, the prayers of the College of Cardinals and the church, a new "Pontiff" will be elected to lead us into the 21st Century.

At mass this evening, there was a portrait of the Holy Father in the Church. And at the time of the Eucharistic Prayer I found it interesting that the Pope is mentioned in the prayer as part of the blessing ritual. Tonight, though, the papal references were left "OUT" of the prayer. In my lifetime this prayer is said as "rote." I can recite it along with the priest as well. Tonight the Monsignor who said mass had to stop and alter the prayer because of the death of the pope. So as the prayer was offered, there was a "BLANK" in the process. And I found that a little unnerving. The monsignor had to pause and gather himself every time he hit a point in the prayer where reference to the pope was supposed to be spoken. Without a Pope in office and alive, the prayer seemed incomplete.

What does the church do in these days until a new Pontiff is elected? Mass will be said ommitting reference of the pope...To some degree the prayers will be offered in the hope of a new Pope. That was a HUGE observation I made at mass tonight, I was expecting something to change in the routine. And today that routine was changed.

O God,
from whom the just recieve an unfailing reward,
grant that your servant John Paul II our Pope,
whom you made vicar of Peter and shepherd of your church,
may rejoice for ever in the vision of your glory,
for he was a faithful steward here on earth,
of the mysteries of your forgiveness and grace,
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

May the soul of Pope John Paul II through the mercy of God rest in peace.

Lord God,
You are our eternal shepherd and guide.
in your mercy
grant your Church a shepherd
who will walk in your ways
and whose watchful care
will bring us your blessing.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


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