Sunday, April 10, 2005

Do we really care??

The funeral is over, "Thanks be to God!!" Jeez, I am so "massed" out I won't go to church for a month. Now the 9 days of official mourning have begun, and the conclave is set to begin on the 18th of April. LET US PRAY !!!


Did anyone watch the Royal Nuptuals today? I caught a few blips on MSNBC this afternoon. But does Canada really care ?? Not me. I mean I stayed up all night to see Charles marry the late Princess of Wales Diana Spencer many years ago. Then I watched him screw her over for that other woman he married today ! I mean Fuck, the only good thing Charles did for Diana was that he gave her a very nice platform to jump from. Do I care that he confessed his sins before God and Mother England today, and that's supposed to make things all better?

NO Diana is still DEAD.

I am waiting for the real word from the boys on this issue, as we are told they are "happy for their father and wish them both peace and happiness!!" BULLOCKS !! I guess we should give them congratulations on their wedding today "Charles and Camilla!" I just think Diana got a raw deal after they both CHEATED on Diana, Diana is rolling in her grave tonight !! I'm sorry but I am and always will be a Diana Princess of Wales supporter. I care about William and Harry. I care that they will be upstanding men in the world. I care that one of them will have the throne one day, and I hope that when the day comes, we will be proud of them.

I could care less about Camilla and her new husband. Yes, we in Canada still live under the Queen's gaze, we don't have to like Charles or his bride. They got what they wanted in the end. But while she was alive, what did Diana loose while these two "lovebirds" scurried around London and Highgrove and Balmoral Castle stealing kisses and time together, while Diana raised two boys and she stayed in a miserable "fucked up" marriage, until she was strong enough to say "I have had enough of this." I think she should have divorced Charles WAY before she did, she might have had a longer life than she did.

I hope Charles and Camilla never forget the lies they told and the people they hurt to hide the relationship that ended a fairy tale "nightmare" of a relationship. Camilla will never get the adoration that Diana got and still gets to this day. But she got her man and her wedding. Happy day for her. "meanwhile, Diana is rolling in her grave!"

How's that for a wedding post for the "Royals!"


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