Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Today's Map "includes" (March 30)

It was a glorious day in Montreal today. The winter jacket has been "RETIRED!" for another year, and today was nice enough for a sweatshirt. It was still cool but not bitter. The sky was blue all day and Montreal is clouding over at this hour.

I have all of my final exams for this term. Now I have to write them. One cannot fail an essay take home exam, unless of course one did NO reading all semester. I am confident that I will prevail and do well. Donald would expect no less from me.


I will be published in the Concordia Religion Department Anthology this Spring. As a member of the Concordia Christian Religion Students Association, I am working on the editing committee.

Today though, the editor of the anthology asked me to submit my "Letter to St. Jerome, doctor of the church." This year one section of the anthology will be centered around letters written to Jerome, as part of our "Women in Religion" class this term. My approach was from a priestly/spiritual directors point of view. There are a few other letters that will be included in this section. ( If you go into my archives and click on "Todays Map Includes" for Feb 6th) you can read the letter that I wrote. Donald agreed that this paper was exceptional for me.


I went to the pharmacy today to pick up my meds and the pharmacy went ahead and refilled the d/c'd perscriptions that i had on file for the old meds. My doc is still out of town and I don't know if he's checked in to the office and found out that i dropped the medical regimen. Oh well, no bother.

I guess that I will restart medical regimen tonight. I feel alot better today. My head is clear, i've had a couple of nights of good sleep and i feel stronger. I am running on blind faith in this decision. I am good at blind faith to a degree. Sometimes I have to remember that when I fully turn a situation over to God that i walk the walk and not balk at my decision to "let go!"

I don't see the doc until the 20th of April anyways. which means I have to do labs before the 6th, so that they will be back in time for my appointment. CD4's and Vl's usually take 2 weeks to process here.

Did you all take a few moments to visit the new BLOG LINKS --------->
over there on the sidebar?

1. Agony and Ecstasy is our Satellite of Blogger friend Mike. He's found his niche in wildlife art and nature exploration. He is quite the "Naturalist."

2. Another interesting blog is called "The Dubai Chronicles" from the Middle East. See some of the most fascinating architecture in the world like the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, and the Wild Wadi Water park.. (as seen on Discovery Channel Canada ).

3. Not to mention my Iraqi bloggers as well. I think it is important to have perspective from people who are living there. The reading is quite interesting.

4. The Preacher boys hideout comes to us from Hawaii..

These are just a few off the top of my head, but yeah, go click a few links and read what I think are important points of view for my day. I think that a myriad of writers brings perspective to any day, whatever space I am in. There are a few religious men and women of different faiths that I read on a daily basis, to keep me grounded and reminded that God is working amongst us.


I am just rambling here so I will sign off till later when I might have something more substantial to write about.


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