Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Opening of SPRING

What a gloriously Beautiful day it is today. It is ( 15c) in the magical city of Montreal.

I had to run a letter of reconciliation for my family to the post office and (Looky) no jacket required !!! I am hoping that with some religious knowledge and some truth and ALOT of growing up over the last 3 years, that maybe this letter to my mother will PAY OFF with an active role in reconciling the rift the exists in my family. ( See the elderly man post) at the beginning of this blog.


So, the post office is on the corner right downstairs. On the way home I decided that it was time to Open the house up and air out the stale Winter air in the apartment. In no time to plastic was pulled down and I opened the windows of our 17th story home above Montreal. The Lania is cleaned and there is carpeting out there as well. I have for the last time, turned to heat OFF !!!

There is hustle and bustle on the streets and people are walking around as if in a daze of confusion. Do I take a jacket or not? what do we do first? Can it be true, Winter is finally over?


Terry Schiavo is dead. What a sad ending to a bright young lady, but I think now she can finally get her heavenly inheritance. She is no longer where she was and she is Where she belongs, in the arms of the father where she will be forever more.

We pray for her family and especially her parents. I think we should learn something here. It is NOT too early to prepare an advanced directives form. Here are a few easy links:


You should check to see how these forms can be used in your particular state or country of residence. This document will SAVE you, your spouses and your family ALOT of aggrivation IF you ever reach this point in your life.

I have an advanced directives form already in place should I get sick. I think this sad case of the "right to live" has become a lesson in How to Die for the rest of us. Take some time, click the links and do the right thing by your family. Don't let your family become divided as the Schindler family had become. This is a perfect lesson in what NOT to do to your family. Let us learn this lesson now, so as NEVER to repeat it in our lifetimes. You can go over and check
Mia's Blog (

She has some good advice on this topic.

If you've never thought about the end stages of your life, and you have never considered the FACT that we all will die one day, I highly encourage you to "think about it."

Goodbye Terri..
May angels of heaven carry you to God
Eternal Light grant thee, and may perpetual light shine upon you.


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