Thursday, March 31, 2005


This term for me was spent in two classes One of which was called Moral Ethics/Self and Other Value Choices. In this class we looked at issues such as Race/Ethnicity, Abortion, Sexism in the Workplace/Affirmative Action, Alternative lifestyles, Poverty and Famine and EUTHANASIA.

Euthanasia is a topic that many people are discussing. Seemingly the U.S. is far behind the times in this area. In Canada, Euthanasia is part of the law. It is something we discuss in class and in our homes. It is part of a persons right to do what they feel is necessary, yet murder is still against the law.

I have heard rumblings in blog land that Michael Schiavo had a common law wife and children, and also that he was offered $10 million dollars to walk away and hand Terri over to her parents, of which he said no, and he followed what he thought she would want. Now the battle will be over body parts and ashes. It seems to me the only way to solve this issue would be to split the ashes and each get a portion. Who is right and who is wrong?

I think the United States Religious Right needs to re-asses their position on a few key issues such as the right to Die, Abortion, Euthanasia and the Right to Live. I think that Euthanasia legislation should be put forth and they should join the rest of the world in respecting life in all its forms.

I think the fact that George Bush got involved and Congress was as well involved was a step OUT of protocol. If the government can step in to anyones life and pass emergency legislation to affect the lives of people, what kind of government abuses will come next. The intrusion into peoples private lives is NOT the job of the Government. I know the U.S. Government is RIFE with corruption and abuse. WHY that man is in the White House another four years is beyond my comprehension.

The fact that Terri had to be starved to death was immoral and WRONG. The fact that this was the only route for her husband to take to get her out of the situation she was in speaks volumes of just WHAT NEW ways of ending life need to be discussed. WHY can't the U.S. move beyond the sanctity of life and give its people the right to decide WHEN and HOW they want to die?

We have laws that protect the Canadian Citizen. We have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guarantee Canadians certain rights and abilities to govern their own lives accordingly. Some weeks ago an elderly man who was terminal decided that it was over for him, he called the media and said his goodbyes and he killed himself. The police nor the government got involved to stop him.

There are other countries in the world where Euthanasia is accessible and a right.

I think that this topic IS important.
I think our young people should be FULLY educated in the ways of the world, and not just the ways of the U.S. Do you know how difficult it is to teach a Canadian Moral Ethics Class using a textbook that was written and published in the United States??? The textbook we used in my class this term was just one of those books. I found it difficult to differentiate between what i was raised to believe in the United States and what is a reality for me now that I live in Canada. Things are WAY different here.

That it took Terri Schiavo to die a horrible death to get up to open up the discussion of the Rights to Live and Die, is so stupid. The U.S. is so hell bent on religious fundamentalists who preach against abortion and death and social rights of the dying is BEYOND ME. I mean, Jesus Christ, what is this world coming to? And What does this say about the climate of discussion in the United States. Y'all need to get in step with the rest of the world.

It is a sad fact that the Schiavo/Schindler family fell apart, and this very private family battle for a human being became a world wide spectacle for all of us to watch and shake our heads and say, I am So Glad that I live in Canada. Shit like that won't happen here.

Why is it that the U.S. is so staunch on it's views of humanity? Do you all think that the rest of the world is barbaric for even having laws protecting Euthanasia? I mean lets go to Switzerland and see Doctor Death! That is why they tried to silence and convict Dr. Kevorkian. At least he was one of the people who offered people an option.

There is an underworld of physician assisted suicide in the U.S. I know I lived within the Aids Circle during one of the worst periods of my life. That's why "Final Exit" became popular, it gave us direction in using our rights to die.

I think that people in the U.S. should have the right to choose when they want to die and how they want to die. I don't think the government should regulate the choices of her people, I think they should open the books and start re-thinking this issue.
We cannot come here again.
We cannot have another Terri Schiavo case come to light ever again.
This should NEVER happen again. EVER!

I believe that God wept over this death. And I believe that even HE would have chosen another route. If Euthanasia was a viability, and it was law in the U.S. maybe Terri's life would have been ended many years ago, instead of 15 years AFTER a severe brain injury.

Let us Call on the Legislators, Governors, Senators, Representatives and the President of the United States to open the discussion about EUTHANASIA. It is time to move into the new age of personal rights for all citizens. We have seen how the government can restrict her people and how the government can step in and make laws to change the rules and affect a persons life and death. Now it is time to take those abilities AWAY from the government and put those rights INTO the hands of Citizens.

Euthanasia is NOT for everyone, and should not be made a law, hence the abuse by every Tom, Dick and Mary just cause they want to end their lives. I think that good euthanasia legislation will carry with it medical and psychological review before a patient is assessed able to use the right to euthanize.

The Discussion about the Right to Live - The Right to Die and Euthanasia is Far from over. I think this discussion has divided a nation right down the middle. Now what are you going to talk about over the water cooler, and what are YOU STUDENTS going to talk about in class and amongst your peers? And what are you parents going to teach your children and teenagers?
and What are you Preachermen going to preach to your flocks?

That to Kill is a Sin, that God does not believe in Euthanasia? That is goes against the bible? Thou shalt not Kill? erm, I believe that God has not spoken about the topic of euthanasia YET.

The Holy Mother Church speaks out against euthanasia, it calls it an abomination and an affront to God. Yet how many lives were lost in the history of Mother Church? How many people were killed in Crusades, during the conquest of the New World, in the inquisition and even in todays wars? The Christians going out to kill people all over the world in the name of God and country?
how can the church speak out against Death, when they themselves killed so many innocent people in the name of God.

Do you really believe that someone has not thought about the frail Pope who was given last rights tonight? Do you really know about the inner workings of Holy Mother Church and do you really want to know what power they have to make policy and supress things that they feel would jeopardize the church as a Power Player??

I think we need to pray on this issue and hear the voice of God. I don't believe HE is pleased tonight. I don't think He would be happy with the way this case got so Fucked Up in the end. I do believe that parents and spouses need to really look at relationship issues.

This case IS IN FACT a really good learning tool to teach

The government needs to get the fuck out of the private sphere. And we need to evolve as a people and try to find new answers to age old problems and discussions. We need to change the laws and we need to try and adopt new ways of seeing issues and dealing with them. We live in the 21st century, this is not the Old South of Republican Religious Christianity. I don't think God is happy with many of you tonight. And I offer that God Weeps at your position on certain social issues.

I am SO GLAD I live in Canada today.

I am sad for the family that had to be dragged into the public "WORLD" spotlight.


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