Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Arrival of Spring

Yes, it is true!!! I think Ole man Winter has blown himself out. The snow is quickly melting, there is not much left to see. The trees are starting to bud, and the birds are returning to the city. Although I have to say, I have not "YET" spied a Red Breasted Robin to date. She is the harbinger of Spring.

The warmer temps are teasing us. As soon as the first 7 day stretch of ( + 10c ) days and nights, we will take down the plastic on the windows and air out the apartment for the first time in 6 months. I will LAMENT, the loss of the silence in my nights. I will spend a week complaining that it is too noisy outside and that I can't get to sleep like i used to when the doors and windows are sealed.

I will ask you all to promise to seek and find the "silence" in the business and noise of your day. The beginning of Spring brings a new bustle to Montreal. The Snow birds who have spent the Winter in sunny Florida and all points South will return ( just not on Jets Go !! )

This weekend I am sure that people will gather down in Old Montreal at the Old Port for the First warm weekend of Spring. The street vendors will be out, the bicycles will be available. I know the labrynth is open. I will have to go down to the Old Port and see if the ice flows have melted and cleared out the harbor docks.

The First days of Spring festivities will begin. I know that the Tam Tams will start up again at the Mountain at Fletchers Field. When the snows have melted and the sides of the mountain dry out, we will climb the mountain on weekends. ( It is a tradition in my home ) I bring guests to to Tams and we sit and listen to the beating of the drums and join in with the dance of life. Then I ask them to choose a path up the mountain, then we climb. We get dirty and sweaty and end up at the lookout at the Swiss Chalet. ( See Montreal Pictures ) put up here in the last couple of weeks.

Soon the Atwater Market will be in full swing. The Lachine Canal will pick up and the bike trails will be opened and the Spring Feast of Life will begin. I watch the green spaces around the city and I am waiting for the first sprouts to make their way up through the ground. That will happen in the coming weeks as the ground thaws and the final snows melt away.

When the last vestiges of winter leave us, We will bid Winter goodbye. I saw the restaurants here on my end of St. Catherine's, starting to clear away the christmas lights (finally) and planters will be going out and the "Terraces" will begin welcoming guests. I haven't been up on St. Denis Street yet, but I am sure they are already busy, seeing that it is getting nice during the days, enough to sit outside and enjoy the air and sun.

There is my Homage to Spring... I will write more as the city comes alive and we dig out from the darkness and silence of Winter.

OH lest I forget, All of the green spaces which have been covered in snow are now littered with 6 months of debris, trash, cigarette butts and old leaves from the fall. That's the drawback in the next few weeks, the city workers will be busy cleaning up the MESS of Winter for a while.


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