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Veronica Geurin ( for MY UK and Ireland Readers)

I wanted to copy this article the link is above from my friend BOO. It's worth a read and If you are in the UK or Ireland we'd like your support on this one. It could be important to you in the long run. It's quite a story. And a Video ...

Coattail Riders

Veronica Geurin (1958-1996)
Journalist in Ireland, murdered by criminals she targeted in her series of stories exposing rampant drug abuse in Ireland over a period of two years. A strong woman, unafraid of lesser colleagues who criticized her out of fear for their own integrity. But they had no integrity.

While journalists and government largely ignored the growing drug abuse and it's damage to the lives of their fellow citizens, Veronica Guerin remained relentless in her pursuit for the truth. She always knew she was better than those who criticized her. Stronger, capable, and brave.

It seems a colleague of hers, jealous of Veronica's success and even her death, has continued to slaughter Veronica Geurin. Emily O'Reilly wrote a book criticizing Ms. Geurin just two years following her murder. Her accusations were just that and yet, it seems Emily O'Reilly has succeeded in numbing the citizens of Ireland much like the drug cartel who went before her. She is now Ombudsman of Ireland, an irony considering the purpose of that role is to settle disputes, to mediate, to be fair. Emily O'Reilly is anything but fair and would have done well to mediate her issues with Veronice Guerin before her murder. But that would have required truth on Ms. O'Reilly's part and nothing is clearer than the fact that she does have an enormous problem with the truth.

Coattail rider Emily O'Reilly wanted the glory and the fame and the accolades extended to Veronica Geurin. While Veronica acted to effect improvement and positive change for others, Emily O'Reilly is using talk to manipulate the Irish masses.

Apparently, it's working. She is now in a position that affords her the resources to dye her hair blonde (much like Ms. Guerin's was blonde) and don the suits a smarter more stylish woman of integrity (Veronica Guerin) would wear. The difference is glaring. Emily O'Reilly may be practicing the look, but the shell she creates everyday has nothing inside worth any value. Nor does her position as Ombudsman create anything of value to improve lives in Ireland or elsewhere.

Actions speak louder than words. I wonder if the Government in Ireland remembers the sacrifice and value of Veronica Geurin. Then again, I haven't seen any movies made about Emily O'Reilly. And that's just as well because making that fairytale of lies and innuendo would be a colossal waste of time and money.

If you haven't seen the movie "Veronica Guerin", I highly recommend it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watched the movie and read the articles. she was one hell of al woman. As for Emily = she is one jealous bitch.

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