Thursday, February 03, 2005

Today's Map "includes" (Thursday 2-3-05)

Another glorious day has graced my life. I got up this morning with pep in my step. Thursday and Friday are free days from classes this term, which is nice, because I can take care of ME. This morning I went to the office (Chabad Project Pride) and met with my friends and yentas of the center. I spent 2 hours talking to Margo about my life as it happens.
(This is a weekly occurrence) and has been this way for over 3 years now.

After my time with her, I am free to "hang out" as it goes with the young people who use the drop in Center on a daily basis. I find it truly rewarding to spend time with the people who drop in during the day. You never know WHERE the conversations will go or end up, or how G-d will use you at any given moment. That happened today. Jared tells me the Prophet said to him that
"Coincidence is G-d's way of remaining anonymous." As i was sitting in the reception area Margo walked out and askd me to come to her office and talk to a friend. I knew her. She asked her question, and i answered it.

After her (the friends) appointment she walked out and asked me another question, which then led to 2 hours of discussion about G-d, and the gift of grace and vision, along the lines of yesterday's journal entry. We talked about spiritual vision, and the fact that if WE see something "out there" then it is apparent to us "internally." I showed her my "piece of my map" and handed her, HER next portion of her map, (so to speak). You know when you get into a really deep discussion with someone, that you would never imagine happening before. She was ready to take a leap of faith and walk with her map and explore the journey a bit farther as I have done in my sobriety. I have met another Pilgrim on this road I am walking. And I worry about what I am doing here on earth.

I got to spend time with Joshua, he happened to visit the center today. It's strange he always shows up when i am at the office. Joshua is my co-worker Ruth's Son. Josh is so kewl, he blows my mind. Josh has been taking scrolls to the Western Wall in Israel for the last 2 years. He is just a really good friend. and I love him. So we got to talking, and I asked him some of my Judaism questions, cause his mom told him that I wanted to talk to him about my exploration into Judaism. This was his answer to me.

Hey Jared, here is what I want you to read:

He told me that i should call a group here in Montreal who host the Israel Experience, for people who would like to explore Judaism. It is a project that runs over a few months and you are assigned to a type of Kibbutz, and you work during the week and have weekends free. Josh told me that the only way I will be able to quench my thirst "so to speak" is to go to Israel and see it for myself. He said that once i got there, that all the questions I have in my head WILL be answered in the context that I ask my questions in the place that the answers can be shown to me literally. I could handle a trip like this i think. i think I want to explore this option.

So Jared, what do you think?

The conversation between me a G-d continues. There are no coincidences. I was in the right place at the right time to talk with a pilgrim on the road to spiritual discovery. My friend and i talked about everything I wrote about yesterday.

We have a new group of young people hanging out at the drop in center, and i find that I am involved in their lives beyond just being present for a few hours of their days. Once you start giving a young person life advice, i find that they come back looking for more information. And it almost seems like I am helping to build a foundation for another human being. I may not have any children myself, but I have many children that i can help along the path.

I have to go read my blog list now, maybe I'll find something else to write about.

Laters !!


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