Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Ok let's all follow Shane and play the game

101 useless things about myself

1. My name is jeremy - and i am 37 years old
2. I am a textbook LEO
3. I was born in New Britian Connecticut
4. I have a brother - but i haven't seen or heard from him since 1997
5. My parents hate fags
6. I am HIV positive almost 14 years now, I carried long before i was diagnosed, that was a shock cause i tested negative twice a year prior. (major lab error)
7. I refuse to grow up
8. I live in Montreal Quebec Canada ( the city just rocks !! )
9. I am a Religion Major at Concordia University
10. I legally divorced my family at age 30 - and changed my name to Jeremy
(to protect my personal wishes if i died, I was really sick then)
11. I do not speak to my parents at all
12. I hate my body - because of Aids Medication Lypodystrophy
( i am waiting on the next regimen, I am told i will get my girlish figure back)
13. I have blue eyes ( they are my greatest comment getter )
14. I color my hair ( like you needed to know that )
15. I have NEVER had sex with a woman EVER !!
16. I was engaged to be married to a woman ONCE
17. She tried to kill me for sex, and I jumped the fence and never looked back
18. 17 is a true story
19. I knew I was gay in 7th grade, the first day i walked into a locker room.
20. I did not "Come OUT" until I was 21
21. I came out at The Parliament House in Orlando
22. I worked at Disney World
( all good gay boys who come out in Florida do at least one season at the Tragic Queendom)
23. I am a third generation alcoholic
24. I am also a drug addict
25. Did I forget to mention that I am in recovery from both !! (now 3yrs/1mo)
26. I believe in God, hey I still live, there is a God.
27. I used to go to church, now I live in the mystical traditions of many religions
28. My grandmothers are my greatest guides from the beyond
29. I read tarot cards
30. I am empathic ( did you need to know that)
31. I was on the wrestling team and swim team throughout junior and high school
32. Looking at boys is fun
33. I was a good student until 12th grade
34. I graduated High School because I told the truth ( no lie )
( i did not cheat on the final math exam - and that truth gave me a diploma)
35. I am a failure when it comes to math (i am just not into numbers)
36. I love science(s) and research
37. I got the American Legion Award for Exemplary Service to my community in 9th grade.
( i was the first recipient of the award for that school )
38. I was a science geek/teachers aid/assistant for 3 years
39. I was a goody goody in junior high
40. I hated High school
41. I was a raging alcoholic before i graduated High school
42. I told my best friend that i loved him after he pulled me out of the closet.
( he never spoke to me again )
43. I made many mistakes in early adolescence
44. My first visit to a gay bar, my shrink told me to get drunk and talk to strangers
45. I love drag queens
46. My best friends were all drag queens, (they are all dead now )
47. I loved a man named Toni Rose
48. And he loved me in return
49. I love to go dancing
50. I was a great dancer once
51. I have had really good sex in my lifetime
52. RC and Charlie were the best 2 men i have ever had sex with
53. I love sex, did i mention that
54. I have a dark side that no one sees
55. Leather Men make me sweat and crawl across the floor
56. Todd was my one and only Master
57. Aids took all of my friends way to early
58. I have had unrequited Love ( that is for shane, you're not alone)
59. I was ( the other man ) once
60. He went back to his husband
61. I love smoking pot
62. I don't smoke pot any more
63. I worked in Nightclubs for over 10 years
64. I have seen a great many things
65. I was a STUD once ( there is a story for ya )
66. The pen is mightier than the sword in my book
67. I have had one N.D.E. ( if you have to ask, then you dont need to know)
68. They sent me back
69. I have no idea why I am still here
70. I am related to a Saint (Marguerite D'Youville)
71. My great aunt is a Grey Nun
72. I believe in the afterlife
73. I see dead people
74. I think organized religion is truly overrated
75. God weeps
76. I believe that everyone has worth and should feel loved
77. I have loved a few men in my life, most did not love me back
78. I loved Steven Frazoni, but he was a bottom. (what a loss)
79. I have 7 really good friends
80. I still communicate with a friend(Tina) from early childhood, almost 30 years ago.
81. I have a handful of people I trust
82. i work with the sick, dying and those in recovery
83. I am enjoying my University Experience ( i went back after 16 years)
84. I have survived all of my friends, by many years now
85. I love to write
86. I am passionate about life
87. Complaining does no good, and wastes alot of energy
88. Time is a precious commodity, when you know you live on borrowed time
89. I have met and married "the One"
90. I saw history in my Gay Lifetime
91. I made history in my lifetime
92. I love and am loved in return
93. I know that i made a difference in at least one life today
94. I am a good person
95. I know WHO I am ( and that is important )
96. I was 21 Once...
97. I think vanilla sex is BORING
98. I am a test pig for aids science in Canada
99. My doctor thinks outside the box
100. I love my life
101. I have no regrets
102. You can thank Shane for this information


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