Friday, February 04, 2005

New Music Review - Lucas Mire !!

I figured that I would make this a new entry, as seeing that you might not find it if I buried it below. So I got a little gift tonight from Lucas. YES !! New Music.

If you are a music lover, then you have to check out Lucas's Blog and go check his downloads. Tonight he sent me a song titled "City Light's" from his upcoming CD called: "Forever's Not As Long As It Used To Be."

I have been a musician since I was a young boy, but I don't play anymore, hmm i'd like an acoustic guitar, but I play piano and keyboard. So I am familiar with alot of music from my life thus far. Lucas has a way about his music, an honesty and emotion. Getting a "sneak peak" at his new Cd was a privelege. If you've never listened to him, maybe you should. The link is above. jot down the release date and tell your friends.

Maybe we can lure Lucas to Canada to play for us live in Montreal. There are some really nice intimate venues he could choose from. THAT would be SWEET !!! hint, hint !!!


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