Wednesday, February 09, 2005

New Blogs to my list for you to read

I have not done my NEW BLOG list on this Blog YET, but you see ----> over there that i list a few other bloggers. Because i like to read every day. So here is the list for January 2005.

In some order:
I would like to welcome the following Bloggers to my list and encrourage you all to support them.

1. Andrew on the Road ( He's in Asia )
2. Baghdad Burning ( I want a view from the inside )
3. Can you stand it ?
4. Hollands Glory ( live from Holland I give you Coby )
5. My Mavery Mascite
6. My Secret Garden
7. My So Called Queer Life ( Marco's alter ego )
8. The Occasional Screaming Queen ( Live from Sydney )
9. Robby Mac
10. Simon In Turkey ( really from Turkey ! )
11. Goings on in My World
12. The thing of the moment ( Wonderful Photo Blog )
13. Yada Yada ( From the Philippines )

These people visited my blog and were pegged by statcounter, So i check them out and if they interest me, you get a run on my blog and a spot on the read list. Maybe It will generate some more traffic for you all. Enjoy !! I check all my visitors daily.

And thanx for reading the Tao of Jeremy !!


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