Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Miami Palmetto Panthers Class of 1985 (20 Year Reunion)

A few weeks ago I remarked to my HUSBAND that I wondered if we would get invitations to attend a 20 year High School Reunion. Boy was I pleasantly surprised to recieve this invitation tonight.

Just so if anyone comes looking for me:
My family name was once ( KALAN )

I lived at 15300 sw 89th Court in Miami. I attended St. Louis Catholic Church/Youth Group

Peter Nilsson was my best friend, Sarah is his sister. Mike was one
of our drinking buddies. After Peter slept with my cousin Kathy
that one Summer our friendship seemed to END!!

Now there's a discussion point ! We had some serious Heavy Metal Vomit Drinking Parties in our days.... They were such a blast.
Ahhhh... remember when!

I am clean and sober now, 3 years and a couple of months. No more using and abusing for me. I am finished.

I was on the Miami Palmetto Swim Team. I lettered in Swimming !!

I worked on the We Care - Feeding Ethiopia Campaign.

Norma Barli was my Spanish Teacher
Mr. Smith taught Biology - Remember him ???

So where am I now, and who am I, better yet!!

When i turned 30 I divorced my family because I was sick and I
had to protect my personal things from my family, as well my life.
I've been HIV Positive for now 14 years, and looky that I am STILL ALIVE and doing INCREDIBLY WELL !!!

I missed the first reunion because I was really sick and could not attend.

I am living in Montreal and I am a Canadian Citizen now, I carry Dual Citizenship. I live in Montreal and I am Currently Attending Concordia University - Majoring in Religious Studies (Christianity / with a secondary concentration in Judaism and Asian Religions ) I am due to graduate in 2006.

I am Married to my HUSBAND, Peter. We were married here in Montreal on November 20th 2004, my mother's birthday. Wasn't
that a kick in the rubber parts. My parents do not do gay,aids or hiv. They are not a part of my life any more.

I have added my profile info to, as of last week.
I am also registered on the reuinions website. Those links are below.
I wont pay to search a website for names, although I see that many people I KNEW in High School are on that list and updated. Peter Nilsson I would like to contact you. Here's the best way to find me,
right here on my blog. So step right up all you folks from Palmetto
and say hello. I got a hit for my first Palmetto Blog entry a couple
of weeks ago from Hawaii. Life's a beach for someone out there.

I will be bringing my Hubby along with me in August because he's
never been to Miami. And by that time, the Summer Semester will
be over. We go back to University on the 7th of September 2005.

Miami Palmetto Class of 1985 - 20 years reunion Can You believe it !!

20 years !! Oh My God.

Aug 26th and 27th 2005
Sonesta Beach Resort
350 Ocean Drive
Key Biscayne Fl

and fill out your address. You should get an email with both of these links. Do you still have your membership to I got in the reunion page for free to fill out my rsvp. I called them at: at: 1-800-741-4723.

make sure you update yor profile on:

Peter and I will be attending. That will be kewl.


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