Monday, February 07, 2005

The Maytag Man came to visit

My weekend as usual came to a crashing end. Last night my refrigerator crapped out. And I had to toss about $40.00 worth of food into the trash, because it was spoiled and defrosted. Early yesterday afternoon I had alerted the "super" to let him know I needed to have it replaced immediately this morning. Which He did. At 9:00 am this morning he showed up to asses the problem and by lunchtime a repairman was here to fix it. The thermostat needed to be replaced and so there are 2 refrigerators in my apartment. One in the kitchen and one in my dining room. I had to washout my frig when i transferred everything over, while mine defrosted. The guy told me that it would probably take 2 days to thaw out, with all the ice that had formed on the element. The defrost cycle was fucked!

Since i had to be here all day I missed another day of class, damitt!! Oh well. I was tired anyway and needed to rest. I have been having problems sleeping at night. My doc is still out of pocket and won't be back till the 9th. I have to call him then.

I am so proud of that paper I wrote last night, I keep going back to it to read it and think. It came out really well, and it reads well too. I am a genious. * pats myself on the back * I see that no one has yet attempted to address Jerome openly, * CHICKENS* This is a religion students worst nightmare, that's of course if you've never read any of the texts expalining Jerome in any great detail. You would have to read through Volume 1 of Mary T. Malone's Women & Christianty (The First Thousand Years).

What else is going on in Montreal, well the weather is insane today. ( I mean we are having a heatwave in February). It's a balmy +6 C today. When I went down to the store earlier there was very little snow left on the ground and people were walking around with light coats. here is the weather outlook for the rest of the week, although it went from 3 days of snow 2 hours ago to 3 days of rain!!

5 Day Forecast from Environment Canada

Monday night

Chance of showers
  • Low 2 °C
  • POP 70%

Chance of showers


Periods of rain
  • High 4 °C

Periods of rain


  • High 2 °C
  • Low 0 °C



Chance of showers
  • High -2 °C
  • Low -4 °C
  • POP 60%

Chance of showers


  • High -3 °C
  • Low -11 °C


Can you say YUCK !!

I need to go get some food and get ready for a meeting. I am chairing a meeting over at Anchorage rehabilitation center, not far from here at 6:30. So I'll write more later on tonight.

See ya.


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