Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Laughs and the Egyptian Exhibit

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I am too comfortable in my cozies and i am eating dinner and I don't feel like braving traffic and the trains to go all th way to the West End for mass... I have had a good day and my back is killing me. I mean I was at the museum and at times I was hurting so bad I had to sit down. This is not normal for me. LENT... what will I do this year, hmm pray !! Meditate !! Find the meaning of the journey !! Go to mass as usual, Participate in my Holy Week Observations and then On Vigil Saturday i will Acolyte once again.

Anyway, The Treasures of Egypt from the British Museum.

The exhibit was amazing. I've never seen Egyptian works up close like that in person. The papyry and the tablets were incredible. Some of the tablets still had colors on them. Alot of the art came from the Amenhotep collection in the 13-15th dynasties. and through the conquest of Alexander the Great and the Ptolemaic Rule through Cleopatra the VII.

There were HUGE, I mean HUGE statues. I was amazed to try and fihure our how they got them into those rooms. HUGE busts and stone carved temple statues. One of them was 26 feet tall. It was gigantic. There was also some beautiful small artifacts in hermetically sealed and climate controlled glass boxes.

I saw many papyrus reliefs of art and writing. There was even a copy of the famous "Rosetta Stone" with the Slash/Arabic and Greek Texts on it. That was amazing. I wish I had a textbook with Egyptian Hieroglyphics so i could decipher some of the texts that i saw on many of the stone tablets and burial chamber stones. They are so finely worked on. I mean the care to detail and wording was incredible.

The Egyptians were very specific in religious practice and detail to Gods and Goddesses. there was so much to see, that i know that a second visit will be necessary. I want to spend some more time studying the tablets on display. Alas, no mummies. dammit, although there were two burial chests carved and painted.

There was a room of Gold and Silver jewelry and a HUGE gold covered Bust of an Egyptian ruler, i forget his name, i did not write anything down. It was amazing to see the kind of detail that went into Gold and Silver and fine stone work. You'd think that some of these men would have made a MINT detailing jewelry in the 21st century. I mean it was incredible. I know I keep saying that word, but I don't know what other words I could use.

I could just imagine what it would be like to actually visit Egypt and see the pyramids and cities along the Nile in person. What an incredible trip that would be.

Anyway. I am gonna go and nap for a bit, maybe some of you will post something for a later entry this evening.


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