Sunday, February 06, 2005

Jerome - Doctor of the Church

Whoa !! Jeez I've been typing for hours it seems. Since about 8pm, actually. I finished writing a paper ( more like a letter ) to St. Jerome (D0ctor of of the Church). The paper was centered on this quote:

"The Love of a woman is accursed; it is always insatiable...It makes a manly soul effeminate and allows him to think of nothing but his obsession... Woman is classed among the greatest of evils." That was a mouthful.

At first writing, last week, I was angry and stoopid in my tac. So tonight, after a few days of thought and some prayer, I decided to write to him, from the position as Spiritual Director, I think I did quite well, if i don't say so myself. I may not have a collar, but I can think like a priest if I have to.

I drew on my time in Seminary to help me write a rebuttal to him. In all it is almost 7 pages. I may upload the text when i get the paper back. If YOU study religion and know of St. Jerome, maybe YOU ( yes you Eric and RLP ) maybe you can give me your take on WHY St. Jerome sees fit to say such misogynistic and rude comments about women. (there is something for you to research).

I went to mass tonight, for the first time since the wedding. I needed to go. I needed to evolve. I needed to reclaim my sacred space from the darkness. And I did so. I got to spend some time with my friend JC. NO, not jesus christ, but Jean Claude. And I talked to some of the teachers who attend mass at the chapel as well. They all had questions for me, so we talked for a bit during the shared supper tonight.

I've got nothing else to write about except.... Mike sent in a voice entry to his blog. I have to check that out. Maybe I will upload a voice post so you can hear just how divine I sound in real life.... ( HA HA HA HA Laughs out loud ...NOT !!! )

Time to go relax and watch some CSI Miami....

Yes I AM still addicted to CSI, now we have digital and have channels from all over the U.S. across the continent, so CSI is on at least twice a night every night. I am in heaven.


Oh by the way Lucas..........

I have downloaded the music you sent me and the stuff I got from the site onto my MP3 player... and tonight I got to listen to it while I rode the train out of the city, which was really nice. Lucas ROCKS!!!!


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