Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday Feast ( Feb 11 ) Early I got it first !!!

It's time for your Friday Feast !! Enjoy !

Appetizer - What do you want for Valentine's Day?
Oh, a nice dinner with my husband, Our first "Married" Valentine's Day !!

Nothing special. Allright I'll be honest.

I want a night of hot, steamy, sweaty, Kinky sex with my hubby !!

Soup - If you could change the color of something you own, what would it be and which color would you make it?

Hmmm, that's a good question. I have a couple.

1. The sofas: I would drop them from the 17th floor and destroy them and buy new ones on the mauve/black motif of my living room.

2. I would get rid of the old "grey" carpet we have and go with a more funky color to match
the color scheme of the apartment we redecorated last Summer. The kitchen is a mauve color and the living room alcove is a shade lighter. It's really nice. I think a shade of blue or purple would be nice for carpeting in the great room.

Salad - What's your favorite day of the week and why?

My favorite day of the week is Tuesday. Tuesday is my Day with Professor Boisvert, he's my favorite prof/mentor/friend at University. I only have 1 class on Tuesday afternoons. Tuesday is my recovery day. I go into the office and see clients, I attend the noon addictions meeting, then i go to class, then after class I attend my Home Group Meeting at St. Leon's Church, at 6:30 p.m. It's an open/Beginners Meeting. Tuesday is "all about me" day... it has been that way since I got sober over 3 years ago.

Main Course - What excuse do you use most often?

I try not to use excuses. They do me no good. If i don't get something done on time, or in time, then so be it. I complete my school assignments on time ALWAYS. I live in my day, therefore excuses are pointless. Having HIV teaches you that using excuses means that there is a problem with me.

If i constantly complain, and use excuses i would never live a good life, and my accountability would be shot to hell. The only excuse I use, and it isn't an excuse, is this..........I am tired often... And I need to sleep on a regular basis.

Dessert - Name something or someone you feel sorry for.

There is a blogger on my list who is sick and today he is in the hospital, after having surgery to correct some health issues, He is hiv poz as well. He is stuck in his disease and he thrives on the drama of not being able to do what he used to do, party, drug and drink. I wish he would grow up and get focused and get well and live a long healthy life, I think about him all the time, cause I used to be him. That was almost 14 years ago. It's time to get better and get right and start living in the solution, and STOP living in the problem. It's just upsetting. I don't visit his blog daily like some, cause it upsets me to see him suffer as he does.

Allright How many of you particiate in this Friday Feast. Not many of you, I know of three off the top of my head. So copy, and paste this into your blog window and participate !!


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