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Edited Post... From Friday Feb 04

The first section of this post was removed because some thought i sounded like Steven Harper..
So to compromise I removed that section, but the rest stands as is.

Like the RLP, if you don't like something about what i write, then you must have a problem with you. If something I write pushes you to react, then maybe you should look at yourself and ask why.

When I was born my father had a secret, that he hid. He told lies to his children about the truth, and he beat us including my mother the entire time i lived at home. I was labeled a fag and told that I was a mistake and should never have been born.

My father's nightly beatings came because he was angry, hiding a secret and wanted to kill me.
This is true. I was told these things a few years ago, from other family members.

My parents lived in a marriage with a lot of problems and brought two children into the world that were abused mentally, emotionally, physically and Sexually (I was) !! All of my friends growing up came from broken homes, they were abused and shuttled between his and her house. Divorce ran rampant through the lives of many of my friends.

Growing up I worked in Orphanages that housed abused and drug addicted "CHILDREN."

NOW, How many children are brought into the world who are NOT wanted or were MISTAKES. How many children end up orphaned or DEAD at the hands of their parents.

How many of us spent more than 5 years in therapy for family related issues.

How many of us are addicts and alcoholics? How many of us broke the cycle and got clean and sober??

How many children OUT THERE still need a home. Still need to be loved, Still live without the love of a parent??

How many marriages end up with no children for one reason or another? How many men and women get married because it is socially ordered, and must be? How many marriages come from the force of parents or religious traditions?

How many of those marriages are happy and fruitful?

How many men get married without really knowing the TRUTH about their sexuality and desires?

How many men see other men in a "gay" light, but fear the indignation of family and friends for being "god forbid, GAY!" How many men live miserable lives, and in the end realize that their entire lives were a huge LIE ?

Would you like to ask me how many stright men I have known who have after years of marriage decide that they were gay or wanted to have a sex change, and they leave their families and set off for the new world, and how many of them failed and committed suicide because they could not re-assimilate.

Now, How many GAY couples get together and get MARRIED (here in Canada), because they WANT to. Because they are REALLY in love. Because they KNOW who they are, because the have the truth and have faced your scrutiny and your degradation and we HAVE OVERCOME.

We have homes and lives that are centered around a hearth. We have time to go to school and work. We have love in our hearts.

WHY I ask, should we not have children.

WE who have been so marginalized for decades, we who have fought the good fight to get to this point really KNOW about discrimination.

Do you think we could teach our children NOT to be like YOU?

To love from the heart and NOT from the mind.

We would teach our children to explore ALL of their world and not just SOME of it. We would give homes to children who came from broken homes to build lives that are strong and faith filled, we have a gift to offer our children. Real, True Love.

The Bible...

How many of you out there read the Bible and can quote verse and chapter?


Now, how many of you study Religion and know anything ABOUT the Bible?

Not many I suppose.

Well, here's the truth, the Bible is NOT a science manual NOR a History book.

Some of the books have authors, though most of the books of the bible are ATTRIBUTED to a certain person. Attribution is not the same as Authorship. The books or chapters of the bible were written to a specific group of people, at a specific time, for a specific reason.

Now, the bible, they say was inspired by God. Would you even reason that in over 2000 years that maybe GOD has evolved? That maybe we should evolve.

This Gay marriage issue is not about the fact that GAY MEN FUCK !

Why is our sex lives the discussion points of so many others? THAT is NOT the issue.

Because we explores sexual life and fetish and kink openly, and straight people DON'T??

LGBT explore the "other" sides of our persona's. I Love this quote, it's mine.


I think that openness in life and sexuality scare the bejezuz out of men, especially Christian men. I think I'd like to be a male dominatrix and put on my leather gear and offer to tempt these men to explore the dark sexual world of anal sex, S&M and kink...Come on boys...Step right up, don't be shy.... I don't bite, unless you ask me to!

The Gay marriage issue is about WHO we choose to love. We choose to love who we love because it was a choice. We did not get married because society said that we MUST get married. Gay Marriages are so very different from Straight marriages. I think WE have worked out our issues already. There won't be any secrets brought into a dictated or forced marriage.

How many Straight men and women practice S&M, Kink,Fetish and Anal Sex???

Come on tell the truth!!

Now, how many of you THINK about "other" sexual practices. How many straight men read PORNOGRAPHY or watch Pornographic movies or go to Strip/Porn/Pussy joints?

How many women read the same items, or go to see men take off their clothes?

Why is our Sexual intercourse SO Important to Straight couples? Because you can't Fuck each other up the butt? Or you do and you feel guilty? Is this really a sexual issue NO.

All you good Christian men and women, how did you have children?? YOU FUCKED !!!

Gay is not a Choice. And I would safely say that Gay people do not intend to "convert" our children to LGBT ways of life. AND I hope and I am sure that none of my Gay male counterparts intend on Molesting their children either. Molestation usually happens with STRAIGHT men who have problems. Problems with their own sexual issues.

If the GAY debate was welcomed by all people in an educational format, and men and women were given the FAIR and EQUAL opportunity to make an informed decision about WHAT or WHO they wanted to "BE" BEFORE they got married, maybe we'd have a lot more happy people in this world.

Families would be cohesive and they would live well. I think as well, abuse and addiction would fall. If the GAY debate was part of a WAY of life instead of being labeled the WRONG way of life, maybe we'd see a change in social acceptance.

The Gay men and women I know are good people. Anyone on this Blog list on my blog are good people. And All of my straight readers I think respect us and come to read because they want to not because they HAVE to. We have seen many of the worst treatment by society as a whole. We have been discriminated and abused mentally, emotionally and physically. Some of us have died the worst fate from Aids. And Some of us young people were killed and left for dead by ignorant and stupid hick boys

(This would be Matthew Shepard and the many young men and women who are dead) because straight society had to get rid of us.

People like the Reverend Phelps and all those Christian preachers should burn in Hell for their hate and rhetoric. You can all GO TO HELL.

Even in the 1940's in the death camps of Europe, LGBT peoples were sent to their deaths along with 6 MILLION Jews, because they were deemed as unclean and needed to be eradicated from the earth. Many of them died at Dachau, Auschwitz-Birkenau and the many other death camps that operated until they were liberated.

HATE is not a new issue. Genocide is not a new issue. They have existed together for centuries all over the planet. Do you know how many lives that COULD have made a difference in the world by just their presence? And can you fathom the difference that their lives made on the world because they were KILLED!


Most of us gay men who have lived such full lives have something to offer the world, before we leave it. We must pass on our stories to those who would collect them and listen to them. Those of us who live with AIDS/HIV have the opportunity to tell the young people how we survived so long. We must tell the life stories of those friends and family who made a difference in our lives, who have died from this terrible disease. If I help one person today with something that I have written then my legacy is there for the taking. These blogs become beacons of light is a very dark world. Words are cheap, but really good life advice is vitally important to the lives of others.


If one does not hear the music of the soul, then I am sorry you are lost. Music paints the visions of how ever many people hear it. For every major memory my brain keeps alive, there is a corresponding piece of music. Music paints the story of my life as it has been lived. Sharing music is like sharing life. That's why I think music is so important to ones being. It's not all about the beat and the rap or the rift, but sometimes it is about simplicity of a guitar and a person who sings. That's the gift of Lucas Mire. He sings with an emotion, telling you stories
and sharing his visions. There are many singers, but very few Musicians.

Change: Change is useful and necessary for growth. To step OUT of your comfort zone WILL tell you where you are in your life.

1.If you feel overwhelmed, then ask for help, before you end up depressed and blue

2.Sadness can be avoided, if you keep light and love in your home and life.

3.Behaving your way to success IS the ONLY way your lives will get better.

4.Happiness does not come to your door on a silver platter, You must build it from within.

5.Renting space to people in your brain for free is a waste of time

6.Wasted time is Wasted time

7.Time is a precious commodity, once wasted it can NEVER be regained

8.Complaining will do you no good, It's a waste of time and energy

9.The same goes for batching and moaning.

10.Complaining is like sitting in a rocking chair, you are moving but getting nowhere fast

11.Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift...STAY in YOUR DAY

12.Worrying about tomorrow and moaning about yesterday is a waster of time, it takes the focus off of what you could be really DOING today.

13.Living in the moment and Staying in your day, will prove to be beneficial if you work it.

14.All we have is 24 hours to work with, so make the most of it

15.Death is immanent. Don't waste a good opportunity to love someone and be loved in return

16.How you lived your life, will matter to those who will remain after you are dead


1.Don't waste time making memories that you will spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE TRYING TO FORGET.

2.Don't get involved in relationships that are going to waste your time and potential

3.Strive to be the best and find the best and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE

4.If you go into a relationship trying to change someone else, You WILL FAIL.

5.It is all about Perception, My / Your Perception. As you grow up you will realize this truth
I can only change myself. That IS the truth.

6.We are powerless over people, places and things

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