Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Amazing Race

There are a few "reality" shows that Peter and I watch religiously. The Amazing Race is one of them. Tonight was no different. over 40,000 miles and 4 continents, Freddy and Kendra won the $1 million dollar prize on the latest season of the Amazing Race. I have to say it made me cry when they crossed the finish line. I find the amazing race to be emotionally connective and cathartic. If you watched you know how difficult this season was on the teams. Some of those tasks were just downright nasty! The spicy soup was a kicker. I enjoy watching and participating vicariously through my tv. On the Next season beginning March the 1st, Rob and Amber from the Survivor Allstars will be competing for another Million Dollars.

I've got nothing wonderful and insightful to share tonight. I am kinda tired and it was a long day of classes and work. Tomorrow I have a University Project with my Ancient Judaism class to see the British Museum's Egypt Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts. The project is a learning trip. We have to place ourselves in the era of the Anciet Jewish Community and try and imagine what they thought of what they saw from these items in Their time. To place ourselves in their shoes so to speak and see with their eyes as a "peoples."

Marco wants to end his procrastination and his writers block.....Well, like I said, write every day even though you don't want to. It's discipline. If you ain't got anything to write about, then pick the topic from your head and start writing, eventually, what you WANT to write about will eventually make its way to the paper.

Mike, Did you LET GO today?? Did you Drop the Rock??

Edit: Did I mention that Lucas Mire ROCKS !!!
I've been carrying him around Montreal with me !! Buy the CD and tell your friends. He still has not responded to my invitation to come and Play Montreal.
So you gonna come and sing for us?? Marco wants you to visit Waterloo as well, since he is your Canadian Fan Club President.

Well, I am gonna sign off here and try to get some BOOOTY from my husband.

Happy trails !!


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