Saturday, January 15, 2005

The World of Chuck Sigars

And so it began, last night I finally started reading "The World According to Chuck." I am finding it very interesting. In bed last night, I found myself giggling out loud. So I have a few questions for him. But I am compiling them for a later entry. I am currently at page 75, Justice for all.

I am sure if Chuck reads this, he will know exactly the questions I have, up to this point.

1. Did you take your trip this past year?
2. So what happened at the RV Park?
3. Where did you go for Thanksgiving this year?
4. How is Beth?
5. How is lulu doing ??? ( that just made me giggle )

I was born in the late 60's myself, I loved school dances in Junior High. I never hit a High school dance except for the Prom. This year is my 20 year H.S. Reunion. YIKES I am getting old. Palmetto Panthers, Palmetto Senior High School, Pinecrest Miami. Class of 1985.

Will write more later.


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