Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I just happened by my Bay window and noticed that i cannot see past the building. It is snowing like mad in Montreal right now, and must have been for some time cause all the cars are fully covered. ( did i mention it was 3 am )

Oh and Marc looks just heavenly with the baby in his lap. I was doing the "daddy" coo and going AWWWWWW... then i thought about it! They never said that, well, I never asked, i mean, it was not my place, but upon closer investigation I found the answer to my query.......DAMN !

I mean I am happy for Angela's sister and brother in law, but for a few moments I was besides myself wondering.......Could they, is he, Oh my gosh I feel so stupid.

When I investigated down the page to a specific photo on a site i don't usually hit on a daily basis, i saw "that" photo collage. ( Money - Marriage and __ __ __ ) trust me young Marc, all in good time. We are still trying to figure it all out. One day at a time.

Nice to see you doing so well. You look great. Marriage must be wonderful. I mean hey, you're married to Angela.


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