Sunday, January 16, 2005

We are Family

And I notice tonight from Stat that someone from MIAMI UNIVERSITY in OHIO has been visiting my blog tonight. And Ya know who that made me think of knowing YOU are there.

Her name is Adrian. Once she was the center of my universe. Alas, when she would call at all hours over the dying and death of her THEN girlfriend, May she rest in peace, I had need to call her at one time and the woman she was dating at the time told me not to call there again. So I didn't. I wonder if this is you girl....

Yeah, I am alive STILL and Religious TOO and I am in University as well. I am at Concordia University, Majoring in RELIGION, fancy that. I am in my second year of studies.

AND get this I am MARRIED !!! How do you like them apples. November the 20th to be exact.

So drop me a line if you come and visit again. I saw your hits. I am almost positive that this is YOU.

Welcome to Canada. I have been here for now almost 4 years and I am a Canadian Citizen as well. Fancy that, my parents were good for some of their lies !!! we don't talk at all any more. My father would rather die then admit he has a son who lives "Above the Northen Border."

I bet Sandy is all grown up and Gabriel must be what 5 or 6 now. I wonder if they are still married and if they are still living at mom and dads house? well, if this don't get your attention nothing will.

All is well here in Montreal for me and my hubby. The Choir of Angels sang tonight, did you hear them??? HALLELUJAH !!!! For the rest of my readers, I think you can figure that one out.

It would be nice to reconnect after far to long. How the hell are you ???

O' Canada...


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